Dutta Research Group

Joselyn Del Pilar

Graduate Student


Zeolite-supported cobalt compounds are being investigated as photocatalysts for water oxidation to O2. A three-step synthesis allows the deposition of cobalt-based catalyts onto the surface of zeolite Y. The support effect on the catalytic performance of these Cobalt-exchanged zeolites is evaluated via a photochemical reaction using visible light. Oxygen evolution curves ([O2] vs Time) showed higher rates as well as higher total number of μmoles of oxygen evolved for zeolite-supported catalysts when compared to non-supported samples. Cobalt loading has been found to be tunable based on molecular sieving effects, XPS data supports this finding. Current work focuses on further optimization of the synthesis and study of counter cation effects during the photochemical oxidation of water.

Artificial photosynthetic system integrating oxygen evolving catalyst and a hydrogen evolving catalyst using a zeolite membrane support.

Schematic molecular representation of the three main steps during the synthesis. First step is the preparation the cobalt-exchanged zeolite followed by the alkaline treatment and heating step.


2009                                                  B.S. Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico

2009 to present                              Graduate Teaching Associate, Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University

2011                                                  Master in Science, Ohio State University


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2)    Díaz, M.; Rosado, A.; Del Pilar, J.; Arias, M.; Guadalupe, A.R., A Polymer-based Electrochemical DNA Biosensor for Salmonella: Preparation, Characterization and Calibration. Electroanalysis. Published online June 21, 2011.

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