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(back row) Jason Ford, Andrew Petit, Meng Huang, Dr. Anne McCoy
(front row) Bethany Wellen, Laura Dzugan, Bernice Opoku-Agyeman, Zhou Lin

Congratulations Bethany!

Bethany Wellen won 2nd place in Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the 2011 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum for her poster entitled “Diffusion Monte Carlo Analysis of the Rotationally Excited States of H3+.  Way to go Bethany!

Hooray for Dr. Horvath!

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010, Sam successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the "Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Weakly-bound Anions Using Full- and Reduced-dimensional Theoretical Models." Congratulations Dr. Samantha Horvath!

Hooray for Dr. Ray!

On Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010, Sara successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the "Theoretical Investigations of Weakly Bound Complexes: Spectroscopy and Dynamics." Congratulations Dr. Sara E. Ray. We’re SO proud of you and SO happy for you!!! Way to go!!!