About Annie Lesiak

Annie Lesiak (B. S. Chemistry) – graduated December 2009

Annie Lesiak

Personal Information: I am Annie Lesiak, and I am just graduated from Ohio State in December with an (honors) B. S. in chemistry. My home town resides in Steubenville, Ohio. I love it here at Ohio State, and I greatly enjoy being able to work in the McCoy Group! Originally, I was on my way to going to medical school; however, I soon changed my mind after doing research. Graduate school is the route for me! Not sure where I will end up, but I have offers from several schools. =)

Research Project: Currently, I am studying the system glycine and glycine-X+ (X = Li+, Na+, K+). I am analyzing many trends for these species, such as frequencies and geometries. Glycine is the molecule of choice because it is an important biological building block…and it’s small! In order to study glycine, I had to first look at formaldehyde in order to know exactly what to do with the larger glycine.

Extra-curricular Activities: ALD/PES Honorary Society, Wonders of Our World, Peer Research Contact, University Host, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre-Health Giving Back, Intramural Soccer.


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