About Charlotte Hinkle

Charlotte Hinkle – 6th Year Graduate Student

Charlotte Hinkle

Bio: Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Charlotte attended the University of Virginia after spending the first 18 years of her life in Tucson. While attending the University of Virginia, Charlotte received her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and during her third year discovered Physical Chemistry, resulting in a Physics minor. She did undergraduate research with Brooks H. Pate, studying hydrogen-bonding dynamics of acid dimers.

Charlotte’s research currently focuses using group theoretical methods to study the rotational and vibrationally excited states of CH5+ and its isotopologues. Using symmetry adapted linear combinations of the bond lengths and angles via the Complete Nuclear Permutation Inversion (CNPI) group is of current interest. These further studies of this complicated species may help in the assignment of its currently unassigned high resolution spectrum and aid in a further understanding of the dynamics of CH5+.

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Other Activities:

  1. 2006 Picnic Committee Fundraising Chair
  2. 2008 Lindau Conference of the Nobel Laureates in Physics



  1. Masters Thesis: May, 2007