About Eric Egnot

Eric Egnot – Computer Science Undergraduate Student

Eric Egnot

Personal Information: I am a fourth year, Computer Science and Engineering undergrad that is also pursuing a minor in chemistry. I really like taking classes and being challenged. After I complete my undergraduate work, I would like to continue on to medical school. I was born in the south-eastern area of Ohio and, in spite of constant moving, have managed never to live outside the state. I currently live in the Clintonville area of Columbus.

Research Project: I am working with Dr. Gé Vissers on the study of Cl+HCl. I am looking at the system from a classical viewpoint in order to see how it differs from a system being looked at from a quantum perspective. I am currently working on a program that classically simulates the energy of the system over a certain amount of time. I will look at the translational, vibrational, and rotational energies of the system, along with the distances of the relative positioning of the atoms. I will then compare this data with data acquired from quantum calculations in order to see how large the difference is. The hope is to only have small variations in the data while having a significant decrease in the amount of time the calculation requires.

Extra-curricular Activities:

  1. Wed Site Corrdinator for Akido Yoshokai at OSU
  2. Aikido Yoshokai Sports Club