About Gé Vissers

Gé Vissers – Post-Doctoral Fellow

Gé Vissers

Bio: I come from Netherlands and grew up in a village so small that you’ll have trouble finding it on the map. I did my Ph.D. in the group of Ad van der Avoird in Nijmegen, where I studied the nuclear motion of hydrogen-bonded and Van der Waals-bound dimers through (quasi-) bound state and photodissociation calculations. My hobbies include reading (basically everything, but with a slight preference for fantasy and sci-fi), programming, and solving other sorts of puzzles, and, when I’m outdoors, hiking.

Research: I am currently working on the reaction dynamics of small, open-shell systems. In particular, I’m looking at the possibility of initiating a hydrogen exchange reaction in the Cl(2P) + HCl system by vibrationally exciting the HCl stretch motion. This system is small enough to do rigorous calculations on, but, due to the open-shell character of the Cl atom, still challenging. We do time-dependent calculations where we start with a vibrationally excited wave packet in a quasi-bound state. From the time-evolution of the wave packet, we can compute lifetimes for the excited system, branching ratios between reaction and direct dissociation of the complex, and product state distributions. I’m now also working with Eric Egnot on setting up classical simulations for the same system, with which we hope to find out how much and in what way the quantum-mechanical nature of these systems affect the reaction process.