International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy
Week-long annual symposium based on molecular spectroscopy. It is a conference designed for presentation experience for graduate students.

Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference
The Midwest theory meetings have provided us with an opportunity to celebrate theoretical chemistry in the Midwest, starting with the first meeting at the University of Chicago in 1967. The majority of the talks will be contributed with the expectation that the majority will be presented by students or postdocs. In addition there will be poster sessions and several longer, invited talks.

Dynamics of Molecular Collisions Meeting
This conference highlights recent work, both experimental and theoretical, in the broad subject of Collision Dynamics in the gas phase from solid surfaces and at interfaces. This year’s program consists of about thirty invited lectures and several poster sessions on subjects of current research interest in Chemical Dynamics and related areas.

Journal of Physical Chemistry
In 1996 the Journal of Physical Chemistry (JPC) split into two volumes, A and B, (within the last few years C split off from B). Each journal covers a relevant portion of the physical chemistry field. JPCA publishes research on dynamics; clusters, excited states; kinetics; spectroscopy; atmospheric, environmental and green chemistry; molecular structure; quantum chemistry; and general theory. JPCB publishes research on macromolecules, soft matter, surfactants, membranes, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, medium effects, and biophysical chemistry. JPCC publishes research on nanoparticles, nanostructures, surfaces, interfaces, catalysis, electron transport, optical and electronic devices, hard matter, and energy conversion and storage.

Mack Award
Professor Mack became a member of the faculty at Ohio State in 1919 when he immediately began to take a personal interest in graduate students. He was their continual advocate, aiding his students through difficult years by soliciting grants from many companies and businesses. In many cases, he even took funds out of his own pocket for their support. Professor Mack was entirely dedicated to his graduate students, both scientifically and personally. In this spirit, the graduate students are responsible for every aspect of the Mack Memorial Award. Graduate Students participate in the Mack Memorial Award by serving on the Mack Award’s committee, nominating individuals and voting for the Mack Award recipient, and of course attending the talks and joining the celebration.

Frontiers in Spectroscopy
This course will provide students with an overview of topics on the frontier of spectroscopic research. It will exploit internationally renowned lecturers, as well as outstanding OSU faculty, to cover topics ranging from very fundamental to quite applied. General areas to be covered will include fundamental characteristics of molecular quantum structure, electromagnetics, new experimental techniques, remote sensing, ultra-high sensitivity analytical techniques, astrophysical applications, etc. It is planned that the course will be offered multiple times, with topics and speakers varying with each offering.

Seminar schedule
A discussion of current research in chemistry. Chemistry departmental, divisional, and student seminar listings.The Physics department also has an excellent seminar series.

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