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PCSLS primarily sponsors a series of informal lectures given by Ohio State graduate students and post-docs interested in some aspect of physical chemistry/chemical physics.  The seminar series is run by graduate students, for graduate students with a three-fold mission: (1) to allow students to present their research while simultaneously practicing their public speaking skills, (2) for attendees to learn more about the exciting research being conducted by their peers, and (3) to facilitate and strengthen a sense of community among graduate students in the department.  The series is open to all undergraduates students, graduate students, post-docs, and faculty, including those affiliated with other divisions or departments.
PCSLS also sponsors a series of special seminars throughout the academic year. The CAS Seminar allows an outstanding theorist to visit OSU and share his or her work.  The Young Faculty seminars allow two assistant professors, one an experimentalist and the other a theorist, to not only share their cutting edge research but also some insight into what the path to a career in academia is like.  Finally, the newly established Senior Faculty seminars expose the OSU community to world leaders in theoretical and experimental physical chemistry.
Unless otherwise noted, the lectures occur on every other THURSDAY at 6:00 pm in 2136 Newman-Wolfrom.
If you would like to present a lecture, be added to the PCSLS mailing list or anything else, please email Bernice Opoku-Agyeman (opoku-agyeman.2@osu.edu), Dan Conroy (conroy.120@osu.edu) or Jakub Husek (husek.5@osu.edu)
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