Listen to Robert’s interview on Voices of Excellence podcast

The College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State has launched a new podcast highlighting the research of its faculty and staff: Voices of Excellence from the College of Arts and Sciences. From x-ray spectroscopy to the design of nanomaterials for catalysis, Robert describes not just the science that we do, but also some of the joys of being […]

Mathew participates in Translating Engineering Research to K8 (TEK8) outreach program

Translating Engineering Research K-8 (TEK8) is an outreach program developed by the Colleges of Engineering and Education and Human Ecology. The program communicates the broader impacts of federally funded engineering research while increasing urban middle school students’ interest in engineering and preparing practicing teachers and engineering students to introduce middle school students to the engineering design process. […]

Congratulations to Somnath, Jakub, Stephen, and Elizabeth for an accepted manuscript!

Their paper, “Identifying the Acceptor State in NiO Hole Collection Layers: Direct Observation of Exciton Dissociation and Interfacial Hole Transfer Across a Fe2O3/NiO Heterojunction” has been accepted for publication in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. This article has also been selected for the front cover as well as featured in the 2018 PCCP Hot Articles collection. Congratulations! 

Robert receives a grant from the NSF Chemical Catalysis Program

We would like to thank the NSF for providing support to study the mechanism of CO2 reduction on metal oxide catalysts using sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy.  We look forward to working with the Asthagiri group who will provide theoretical insights on this collaborative project.

First spectroscopy manuscript accepted!

Congratulations to Anthony, Jakub, and Somnath on getting the first XUV spectroscopy published. The manuscript “Achieving Surface Sensitivity in Ultrafast XUV Spectroscopy: M2,3-Edge Reflection–Absorption of Transition Metal Oxides” has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congratulations!  

Congratulations to Yutichai and Xin on their publication!

Their paper “Catalysis at Multiple Length Scales: Crotonaldehyde Hydrogenation at Nanoscale and Mesoscale Interfaces in Platinum–Cerium Oxide Catalysts” has been accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congratulations!  

Skyler receives the 2 research scholarships

Congratulations to Skyler for receiving both the College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship and the Mayers Summer Research Fellowship! These awards will support her research efforts in the Baker group this summer and through the next academic year.  

Our second manuscript has just been accepted!

Congratulations to Xin, Elizabeth, Yutichai on our group’s second accepted manuscript. The paper “Photo-Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Acetate on Iron-Copper Oxide Catalysts” has been accepted to ACS Catalysis. You can read this manuscript under “Papers.”  

Our group’s first accepted manuscript

Congratulations to Xin, Yutichai and Quinn on our group’s first accepted manuscript. The paper “Crotonaldehyde Hydrogenation on Platinum–Titanium Oxide and Platinum–Cerium Oxide Catalysts: Selective C=O Bond Hydrogen Requires Platinum Sites Beyond the Oxide–Metal Interface” has been accepted to Catalysis Science & Technology. You can read this manuscript under “Papers.”  

Baker group participates in Breakfast of Science Champions at OSU

On November 4th Columbus middle school students journeyed to OSU for Breakfast of Science Champions. For this event, middle school students got to experience what it was like to be a scientist in the chemistry department. The students traveled to four different stations around the chemistry department with different chemistry demos as well as some […]

Robert receives the DOE Early Career Award

We would like to thank the Department of Energy for supporting our research through the Early Career Research Program. (’s-first)