The Belyy laboratory at The Ohio State University opened its doors on August 15th, 2022. We study cell signaling and stress response pathways using a combination of approaches such as advanced microscopy, optogenetics, single-molecule imaging, enzymology, and genome editing. We are especially interested in dissecting the oligomeric transitions of receptor proteins. Oligomerization is one of the principal biological mechanisms for transmitting information across membranes, yet studying it experimentally poses a unique set of challenges. Armed with the latest tools (and ready to develop new ones when necessary), we aim to peel back some of the mystery surrounding the clustering of receptor proteins inside living cells. As a highly multidisciplinary group, we are looking for new team members with a variety of interests ranging from cell biology to protein/RNA biochemistry, single-molecule biophysics, image processing, and optics/instrumentation development.

The team at our inaugural lab BBQ in June 2023