Welcome to the Olesik Group!

Olesik Group Spring 2020 – (left to right: Maddy Lomax-Vogt, Odonnell Sylvester, Rebekah Gibson, Dr. Olesik, Taylar Bell, Brian Fitch, Anpu Wang)


Recent Events:

5/11/2020 – Maddy Lomax-Vogt passes her candidacy exam. Congratulations!

4/1/2020 – Olesik group welcomes a new member, Navid Mohammadian Tabrizi.

2/12/2020 – Anpu Wang passes his candidacy exam. Congratulations!

1/24/2020 – Olesik group welcomes a new undergraduate researcher, Taylar Bell. 

12/21/2019 – Juan Bian publishes “Ion desorption efficiency and internal energy transfer in polymeric electrospun nanofiber-based surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry” in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

11/2/2019 – Juan Bian publishes “Polyvinylpyrrolidone composite nanofibers as efficient substrates for surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry” in International Journal of Mass Spectrometry.

10/11/2019 – Anpu Wang defends his Master’s thesis. Congratulations!

10/1/2019 – Juan Bian publishes “Separation and characterization of KRas proteins and tryptic peptides using enhanced-fluidity liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry” in Analyst.

8/19/2019 – Odonnell Sylvester passes his candidacy exam. Congratulations!

8/16/2019 – Maddy Lomax-Vogt defends her Master’s thesis. Congratulations!

4/24/2019 – Juan Bian defends her Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Bian!

1/7/2019 – Olesik group welcomes a new member, Md Shah Alam.

12/11/2018 – Celia Wang publishes “Enhanced-Fluidity Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for Intact Protein Separation and Characterization” in Analytical Chemistry.

8/28/2018 – Brian Fitch and Rebekah Gibson pass their candidacy exams. Congratulations!

8/10/2018 – Celia Wang defends her Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Wang!

2/22/2018 – Raffeal Bennett publishes “Enhanced fluidity liquid chromatography of inulin fructans using ternary solvent strength and selectivity gradients” in Analytica Chimica Acta.

2/12/2018 – Seven Liu defends his Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Liu!

1/23/2018 – Celia Wang publishes “Separation of PEGylated Gold Nanoparticles by Micellar Enhanced Electrospun Fiber Based Ultrathin Layer Chromatography” in Analytical Chemistry.

1/1/2018 – Olesik group welcomes three new members, Madeleine Lomax-Vogt, O’Donnell Sylvester, and Anpu Wang.

11/10/2017 – Raffeal Bennett publishes “Protein separations using enhanced-fluidity liquid chromatography” in Journal of Chromatography A.

10/19/2017 – Congratulations to Dr. Susan Olesik on being named to The Analytical Scientist Power List 2017.

10/16/2017 – Juan Bian presents departmental seminar.

8/1/2017 – Raffeal Bennett defends Ph.D thesis. Congratulations Dr. Bennett!

8/1/2017 – Shi Jiao graduates. Congratulations!

6/1/2017 – Celia Wang publishes “Electron Nafion- Polyacrylonitrile nanofibers as an ion exchange ultrathin layer chromatographic stationary phase” in Analytica Chimica Acta.

4/1/2017 – Raffeal Bennett publishes “Gradient separation of oligosaccharides and suppressing anomeric mutarotation with enhanced-fluidity liquid hydrophilic interaction chromatography” in Analytica Chimica Acta.

3/1/2017 – Juan Bian publishes “Surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry of small drug molecules and high molecular weight synthetic/biological polymers using electrospun composite nanofibers” in Analyst.

1/1/2017 – Olesik Group welcomes two new members, Brian Fitch and Rebekah Gibson.

1/1/2017 – Fang Liu graduates. Congratulations!

10/21/2016 – Congratulations to Dr. Susan Olesik on being named a Top Female Analytical Scientist in the 2016 Power List.

10/19/2016 – Celia Wang passes her Candidacy Exam. Congratulations!

6/18/2016 – Juan Bian passes her Candidacy Exam. Congratulations!

3/10/2016 – Seven Liu and Raffeal Bennett present at Pittcon in Atlanta.

2/9/2016 – Juan Bian presents second year departmental seminar.

1/6/2016 – Michael Beilke and Martin Beres publish “Gradient Enhanced-Fluidity Liquid Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography of Ribonucleic Acid Nucleosides and Nucleotides: A Green Technique” in Journal of Chromatography A.

8/26/2015 – Martine Beres publishes “Enhanced-fluidity liquid chromatography using mixed-mode hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography/strong cation exchange retention mechanism” in Separation Science.

4/1/2015 – Dr. Susan Olesik publishes “Enhanced-fluidity liquid chromatography: connecting the dots between supercritical fluid chromatography, conventional subcritical chromatography and HPLC” in a special issue of LC-GC.

3/4/2015 – Tian Lu publishes “Homogeneous Edge-Plane Carbon as Stationary Phase for Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography” in Analytical Chemistry.

1/30/2015 – Hui Wang publishes “Development of a new separation media using ultra-thin glassy carbon film modified silica” in Journal of Chromatography A.

1/15/2015 – Olesik Group welcomes new member, Juan Bian.

11/18/2014 – Tian Lu, Joseph W. Zewe and Necmettin Cevheri publish “Fluorescent carbon by covalently attaching a BODIPY fluorophore” in  RSC Advances.

11/5/2014 – Newsome, Toni E. publishes “Electrospinning silica/polyvinylpyrrolidone composite nano fibers” in Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 

10/21/2014 – Newsome, Toni E. publishes “Planar Electrochromatography Using an Electrospun Polymer Nanofiber Layer” in Analytical Chemistry.

10/17/2014 – Newsome, Toni E.publishes  “Silica-based nanofibers for electrospun ultra-thin layer chromatography” in Journal of Chromatography A.

8/1/2014 – Congratulations to Dr. Olesik for 2014 American Chemical Society (ACS) Helen Free Award for Public Outreach.

6/9/2014 – Fang, Xin publishes “Carbon nanotube and carbon nanorod-filled polyacrylonitrile electrospun stationary phase for ultrathin layer chromatography” in Analytica chimica acta.

5/15/2014 – Olesik Group welcomes new member, Raffeal Bennett.

3/8/2014 – Presentations at Pittcon in Chicago.

3/1/2014 – Congratulations to Dr. Olesik for American Chemical Society (ACS) National Award in Chromatography.

1/15/2014 – Olesik Group welcomes new members, Yanhui Wang and Austin Wilson.

3/28/2013 – Tian Lu publishes “Electrospun Nanofibers as Substrates for Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization and Matrix-Enhanced Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry” in Analytical Chemistry.

1/25/2013 – Michael C Beilke., Joseph W. Zewe, Jonathan E. Clark publish “Aligned electrospun nanofibers for ultra-thin layer chromatography” in Analytica chimica acta.

1/15/2013 – Olesik Group welcomes new member, Jiayi Liu

1/1/2013 – Tian publishes “Electrospun polyvinyl alcohol ultra-thin layer chromatography of amino acids” in Journal of Chromatography B.

2/1/2012- Congratulations to Dr. Olesik as American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow (AAAS).

1/15/2012 – Olesik Group welcomes new member, Shi Jiao

10/1/2011 – Congratulations to Dr. Susan Olesik for her new position as Department Chair!

9/17/2011 – Gwenaelle Philibert publishes “Characterization of enhanced-fluidity liquid hydrophilic interaction chromatography for the separation of nucleosides and nucleotides” in Journal of Chromatography A.

8/25/2011 – Cherie Pomeranz (Owens) publishes “Separation of poly-3-hydroxyvalerate-co-3-hydroxybutyrate through gradient polymer elution chromatography” in Journal of Chromatography A.

3/12/2011 – Presentations at Pittcon in Atlanta.

1/15/2011 – Olesik Group welcomes new members Martin Beres, Xin Fang, and Fang Liu

12/22/2010 – James Treadway and Gwenaelle Philibert publish “Enhanced fluidity liquid chromatography for hydrophilic interaction separation of nucleosides” in Journal of Chromatography A.

8/23/2010 – Best wishes to Dr. Jonathan Clark as he leaves for Vanderbilt!

5/25/2010 – Joseph Zewe and Jeremy Steach publish “Electrospun Fibers for Solid Phase Microextraction” in Analytical Chemistry.

5/20/2010 – Jeremy Steach and Jonathan Clark publish “Optimization of Electrospinning an SU-8 Negative Photoresist to Create Patterned Carbon Nanofibers and Nanobeads” in Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

4/30/2010 – Best wishes to Dr. Anna Andrzejewski-Santiso as she leaves for MIT!

3/1/2010 – Presentations at Pittcon in Orlando.

1/15/2010 – Olesik Group welcomes new member Mike Beilke.

4/22/2009 – Jonathan Clark publishes “Techniques for Ultrathin Layer Chromatography Using an Electrospun, Nanofibrous Stationary Phase” in Analytical Chemistry.

4/15/2009 – Joseph Zewe presents at 2009 Innovation Summit in Dayton

3/15/2009 – Olesik Group welcomes Anna Andrzejewska as a Postdoctoral Researcher.

3/8/2009 – Presentations at Pittcon n Chicago.

1/15/2009 – Olesik Group welcomes new members, Tian Lu and Toni Elwell