Group News!

08/2019    Eric passed his thesis defense! Awesome work!

07/2019     The group had a great trip to Golden, CO for NASSCC 2019!

07/2019     Congrats to Matt and Eric for publishing in Journal of Materials Chemistry C; check it out here!

06/2019    Jackson passed his candidacy! Great work!

05/2019     Matt, Jackson, Victor, and Noah all presented at the Pittsburgh Practical Diffraction Symposium; congrats to Noah for taking home the gold!!

05/2019     Welcome to the group Morgan, a MRSEC REU summer student.

05/2019     Eric, Phuong, Matt, and Jackson all presented at Materials Week; awesome posters!

02/2019     Great work by Eric solving crystal structures for an Inorganic Chemistry publication: Take a look here!

01/2019     Congrats to Jackson and Matt for publishing in Chemistry of Materials! Check it out here!

12/2018     Welcome to the group, Noah and Victor 🙂

11/2018     Eric, Jackson, Matt, and Phuong all presented at Ohio Inorganic Weekend 2018; awesome work!

10/2018    Matt passed his candidacy! Congratulations!

06/2018   Jackson and Matt presented at the Glass City Conference. Nice work!

04/2018   Nathalie Milbrandt and Nick Harvey presented at the Denman Undergraduate Research forum. Great job, guys!

01/2018   Jackson Majher officially joined our group. Welcome, Jackson!

10/2017   Eric passed his candidacy; Congratulations!


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