Introductory Page

Welcome to the alumni webpage for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry!

Department Highlights:

We now teach nearly 16,000 undergraduate students each year with approximately 800 undergraduate and 250 graduate students. The department continues to attract outstanding undergraduate and graduate students and we are working hard to offer them opportunities that are challenging and rewarding.

As you can see on other sections of our webpage, our new building is open!  The move in to the new CBEC building has gone quite well.  Most of the synthesis research groups moved into CBEC and many new NMR instruments were installed.   The faculty and their research groups are thrilled with the new capabilities and space.  Groundbreaking research is already happening in CBEC. The news section of our website provides some highlights of these and other wonderful discoveries. 

I hope you join me in the pride that I hold in this strong progress that the department is making.  We continue to see significant developments in our education and research initiatives that will help improve the lives of our students and the community.

Alumni Engagement:

We encourage you to engage not only with the department, but also with one another.  Whether it is mentoring current students, learning about research activities, helping other alumni with job postings, or sponsoring scholarships, there are always ways you can become involved.

For example, you can volunteer to serve as a judge for the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum ( by contacting Professor Terry Gustafson (

Stay Connected:

The best way to keep in contact with one another is through Facebook, LinkedIn, or the alumni listserv.

If you have input you would like to share with me, please send me an e-mail at (  Comments on how you, the alumni, would like to interact with the department and with each other would be appreciated.

Best wishes to everyone. 

 Go Bucks!

Susan V. Olesik

Professor and Chair

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry