Our lab’s research focuses on:

  • Development and application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) methods and computational modelling for studying the structure, dynamics, and function of proteins and small molecules
  • New NMR methods for speed-up and improved sensitivity
  • Quantitative and automated analysis of metabolomic mixtures


  • New NSF-funded National Gateway Ultrahigh NMR Center at OSU is getting under way. For updates, see https://gateway-nmr.osu.edu 
  • NIH has funded the integrated metabolomics center SECIM. Our lab’s role in SECIM is making web server and software tools available for the (semi-)automated analysis of metabolomic mixtures by NMR, see spin.ccic.osu.edu
  • Post-doctoral researcher position is available.
  • We are currently actively recruiting graduate students. Are you interested? Please contact the PI (bruschweiler.1@osu.edu)

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