Electrocatalysis and Energy Storage


Group Get Together Summer 2021 (from left to right): Chris Bernard, Sungu Cho, Julen Bascaran, Daniel Lyons, Anna Lisa, Dave Wood, Zhihao Cui, Modeste Tegomoh, (Back Row left to right) Ariel Mendoza, Ben Charnay, Aaron Charnay, Dr. José L. Lorié López,  (Front Row left to right) Jiseon Hwang, Dr. Anne Co, and Melissa Marx

The primary focus of our research effort is in the fundamental studies of electrochemical reactions, electrocatalyst function and the design of new materials for furthering electrochemical technologies. Our lab is multidisciplinary, combining electrochemical, analytical, materials and physical chemistry techniques.

Main Research Goals

  • Gain deeper fundamental understanding of electrocatalyst reactivity and selectivity
  • Design, characterize, and evaluate new energy conversion and storage electrode materials
  • Develop systematic methods of studying the mechanistic pathways of electrochemical reactions
  • Utilize and develop in-situ methods for detecting reaction intermediates to infer reaction pathways


Last updated on January 2022