Group Photos

Group Celebration Dinner November 17th 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Zhihao Cui, Ariel Mendoza for passing candidacy, and Dr. Melissa Marx!

Dr. Melissa Marx Ph.D Defense Celebration November 17th 2023


Dr. Zhihao Cui Ph.D Defense Celebration November 8th 2023

Dr. Sung Gu Cho Ph.D Defense Celebration May 1st 2023


2022 First Year Analytical Student Poster Presentation

Congrats to Maddie for her poster presentation!

Peach Picking August 2022

Group Party 2021

Dr. Daniel Lyons Celebration

Dr. Fen Zhang Celebration December 2019

Chamathka’s Master Defense Celebration November 21st 2019

Chris Bernard’s Master Defense Celebration November 7th 2019

Undergraduate Research Poster Session November 2019 (Ben and David)

Julen Bascaran’s Master Defense Celebration July 19th 2019

Summer 2019- Around the lab photos

Dr. Jose Lorie-Lopez Celebration May 2018

May 2017- Xi’s Farewell Dinner

Katie’s Master’s Celebration July 15th 2015

Dr. Danny Liu Celebration July 10th 2015

Dr. Eric Coleman Celebration July 9th 2015

Co Group 2015


Spring 2015-Left to right (back row):  Shashi Kumara Swamy, Chao Xu, Jose Lorie Lopez, Anne Co, Sean Byrne, Nicholas Bashnian, Daniel Lyons, and Danny Liu.   Left to right (front row):  Kwan Leung, Katie Muhlenkamp, Kendahl Walz,  Xi Lin, Fen Zhang, Eric Coleman, and Josh Billy

Group selfie

Spring 2013

Spring 2013
Graduate Students- (Left to right): Danny Liu, Heewon Choi, Katie Muhlenkamp, Dr. Anne Co, Eric Coleman, Jared Steed, Raffeal Bennett, Josh Billy
Spring 2013
Undergraduate Students
Left to right: Jamesha Ford, Yi-Ann Lii, Bryan Rosales, Dr. Anne Co, Chib Amuneke-Nze, Rakay Kin, Muntasir Chowdhury

2011 (first group photo)

Left to right: Danny Liu, Jared Steed, Jennifer Black, Alex Gibson, Dr. Anne Co, Eric Coleman, Chib Amuneke-Nze