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Principal Investigator

Anne Co
Anne Co
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Associate Fellow of Center for Automotive Research
Associate Editor of ACS Applied Energy Materials
Office: MP 3033E
Office Phone: (614) 688-8333


Anne Co obtained her B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry and Ph.D. in Chemistry with a specialization in Electrochemistry under Professor Viola Birss from the University of Calgary, Canada. She then joined National Research Council Canada in Ottawa with an NSERC Visiting Fellowship and later served as a Research Associate. In 2008, she continued her postdoctoral studies with Cynthia Friend at Harvard University with a Mary Fieser Fellowship Award. Anne Co’s current research interest is in investigating the properties of electrocatalytic materials and processes for energy conversion and storage. She joined the Ohio State Chemistry Department in August of 2010.


Current Lab Members (as of August 2022)

Post Docs

Dr. José L. Lorié López

Battery Team

Project: Energy Storage (battery, perovskite) and corrosion

PhD: The Ohio State University 2018

Email: lorielopez.1@osu.edu 

Graduate Students

Battery Team

Modeste Tegomoh

Fourth Year Student

B.Sc. (Chemistry) with a minor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2011, University of Buea (UB), Buea, Southwest Region, Cameroon

M.Sc. (Chemistry) 2015, East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Johnson City, TN

Current project motivation: The call to switch the energy source from fossil to renewable to avoid an environmental calamity is clearly outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement, and in other to achieve such stringent international agreement, significant advancement in the field of material engineering and analysis is required. Energy harvesting from the sun and wind have proven very significant, but these sources of energy are not always available 24/7, which means we need some kind of energy storage device to complement these energy production farms. This is where the battery team of our lab comes in.

Current Project: I am currently working on making and characterizing high entropy materials for high-power lithium-ion batteries. Characterization techniques might include XRD, SEM/TEM, electrochemical methods, etc.

One of the other important aspects in our battery team which I am also working on involves the understanding of the lithiation mechanism of the materials I make, or existing materials in other to improve their performance. I use Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (ssNMR) for mechanistic studies

Email: tegomoh.1@osu.edu

Ariel Mendoza

BS in Chemistry from The Ohio State University

ACS Bridge Student

Project: Smart fluids for detecting internal corrosion locations in oil and gas pipelines

Email: mendoza.720@osu.edu

Dave Wood

Third Year Student

Undergrad: The Ohio State University BS in Chemistry

Project: NDP of sulfide based solid state electrolytes for lithium ion batteries

Email: wood.1153@osu.edu

Jiseon Hwang

Third Year Student

BS in Chemistry from Sungshin Women’s University, South Korea in 2017

MS in Chemistry from Hanyang University, South Korea in 2019

Major Project: Making Si-based Anode for fast charging Lithium-ion batteries

Email: hwang.599@osu.edu

Graduate Students

Catalysis team

Sung Gu Cho

Sixth Year Student

BS at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea in 2017

Project: Investigate heterogeneous catalysts for CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) and its mechanistic pathway.

Email: cho.945@osu.edu

Melissa Marx

Fifth Year Student

BA in Chemistry from Alfred University with minors in Mathematics and Economics (2018)

Major Projects:

1.Determining the mechanistic pathway of CO2 reduction using spectroscopic techniques

2. NAP-XPS (Near Ambient Pressure X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) TA (one of few lab based systems in the world)

Email: marx.82@osu.edu

Zhihao Cui

Fourth Year Student

BS in Material Chemistry from Lanzhou University, China

MS in Material Physics and Chemistry from Wuhan University, China

Major projects:

  1. Using rotating ring-disc electrode (RRDE) to study kinetics of electroreduction
  2. Grand-canonical Density Functional Theory (GC-DFT) based computational methods in electrochemistry

Email: cui.591@osu.edu

Maddie Palardy

Second Year Student

BS in Chemistry from University of Maryland, College Park 2020.

Project: CO2 Reduction

Fun Facts: I spent my first two years of undergrad at a community college, I was an ORISE Fellow at the FDA, and I enjoy baking and reading in my spare time. 

Email: palardy.8@osu.edu


Battery Team

Anna Lisa

Project: LLZO, a solid-state electrolyte for batteries

Email: lisa.7@osu.edu

Dustin Pigg

Email: pigg.23@osu.edu

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Dr. Daniel Lyons

Dr. Fen Zhang

Chamathka Dehiwala Liyanage, MS

Chris Bernard MS

Julen Bascaran MS

Dr. Pam Smecellat – Postdoc

Dr. Danny Liu

Dr. Eric Coleman

Katie Muhlenkamp MS

Dr. Josh Billy

Dr. Jennifer Black- Postdoc (2011-2013)

Heewon Choi MS

Raffeal Bennett MS

Jared Steed

Former Lab Members


Ben Charnay

David Raufman

Nick Mrachek

Joey Palazzo

Veronica Feng

Sean Byrne

Undergraduate student (2014)

Nicholas Bashian

Undergraduate student (2014 )

Alyssa Sherry

Undergraduate Researcher (2013-2014)

Bryan Rosales

Undergraduate Researcher (2013)

Ann Li

Undergraduate Researcher (2012-2013)

Rakay Kin

Research Assistant (2013-2014)

Kristina Corcoran

Research Assistant (2013-2014)

Jamesha Ford

Undergraduate Researcher (2013)

Adam Pridgen

Undergraduate Researcher (2012-2014)

Chibuokem Amuneke-Nze

Undergraduate Researcher (2011-2013)

Amy Casaday

Research Assistant (2012-2013)

 Alexander Gibson

Undergraduate Researcher (2011-2012)

Haneul Lee

Undergraduate Researcher (2011-2012)

Kwan Leung

Undergraduate student (2011 )