5/26/2021 – Mike’s work on Re4Si7 is published!

Mike’s paper on Re4Si7, which shows the viability of transverse thermoelectrics is finally published in Energy and Environmental Sciences.

Lots of Press on Re4Si7 including;





5/1/2021 – Congratulations to Sammy

Congratulations to Sammy for completing his Honors Thesis, and graduating with Distinction in Biochemistry!

4/28/2021 – Karl’s PbxSn4-xAs3 Paper is Published

Karl’s paper on the creation and properties of PbxSn4-xAs3 is out in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C. In our search for new gonipolar materials we discovered a new family of layered Pb-Sn alloy compounds.

1/15/2021 – Andy’s Chemistry of Materials Paper is published

Andy’s paper on the Discovery of Axis Dependent Conduction Polarity in NaSnAs, a 0.6 eV band gap semiconductor is out.

5/7/2020 – Congratulations to Mike!

Congratulations to Mike Scudder who won a Presidential Fellowship!

1/1/2020 – Welcome to Olivia, Cullen, Ryan, and Arch!

Happy New Year and a special welcome to the new group members Olivia Davis, Cullen Irvine, Ryan Nelson, and Archibald Williams!

11/2/19 – Congratulations to Ben

Congratulations to Ben for winning an honorable mention in the undergraduate poster award competition at Ohio Inorganic Weekend.

3/18/2019 – Nature Materials publication on Goniopolar Materials

Our group’s work on discovering Goniopolar behavior in NaSn2As2 is published in Nature Materials. Briefly, most electronic materials are thought of as either metallic, or semiconducting that is doped to give a particular p-type or n-type conduction behavior. However, layered materials have different orbitals holding the structure together in-plane vs. cross-plane. Here we discover that these layered materials can simultaneously exhibit n-type behavior in-plane vs. p-type behavior cross-plane. This “crystallographic angle-dependence” of conduction polarity we denote as “Goniopolarity”

See press;


3/12/2019 – 2019 Lumley Interdisciplinary Research Award

Prof. Josh Goldberger, Prof. Wolfgang Windl in Materials Science, and Prof. Jos Heremans in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  have been selected for the 2019 Lumley Interdisciplinary Research Award.


3/1/2019 – Congratulations to Mike

Mike Scudder wins a first place poster award at the Hayes Graduate Forum.  Congratulations!