5/25/23 – Congratulations to Maxx

Congratulations to Maxx Arguilla, PhD 2017 for being named one of the C&E News Talented 12.

4/12/2023 – Karl Koster, PhD

4/12/2023 – Congratulations to Dr. Karl Koster for successfully defending his PhD Dissertation.

1/3/2023 – Welcome to Yetunde and Tianze

1/3/2023 – Welcome to new first year graduate students Tianze Song and Yetunde Odeyemi!

6/23/2022 – Our new transverse thermoelectric work is highlighted by AIP

Mike and Karl’s publication on adiabatic vs. isothermal transverse thermoelectric generators in Applied Physics Reviews is promoted as a Scilight.

5/15/2022 – Josh receives a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award

Congratulations to Josh, who receives a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award from the Humboldt foundation. Josh and his group will pursue collaborative projects at the Max Planck Institute – Chemical Physics for Solids, in Dresden Germany.

5/1/2022 – Warren Huey, PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Warren Huey, PhD.

1/26/2022 – Josh is elected as an AAAS Fellow

Congratulations to Josh, who is elected as an AAAS Fellow.

1/1/2022 – Welcome Ankita and Leo

A warm welcome to our new first year students, Ankita Saha and Leo Derr.

12/9/2021 – Andy Ochs, Presidential Fellow

Congratulations to Andy Ochs who was awarded a Presidential Fellowship from OSU!

11/7/2021 – Kelsey Hodge, PhD

Congratulations to Kelsey Hodge, who has defended her PhD Dissertation!