Open Positions

Postdoctoral Researcher

Our group is always seeking for motivated and qualified postdoctoral scholars interested to perform research on the development of accurate electronic structure methods for simulating excited states, efficient theories for spectroscopic properties of strongly correlated molecules and materials, new methods for X-ray spectroscopies, as well as efficient approaches for incorporating relativistic and vibronic effects.

Ph.D. in theoretical/computational/quantum chemistry or physics is required. Significant experience in the development of electronic structure methodology and C/C++/Python programming is highly desirable.

If you are interested in joining our group as a postdoc, please send your CV to: sokolov.8 [at] osu [dot] edu.

Prospective Students

Our group is looking for highly enthusiastic and motivated graduate and undergraduate students interested in developing and applying computational methods to study the electronic and spectroscopic properties of molecules and materials with complex electronic structure.  Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Ohio State University Ph.D. program in Chemistry or Chemical Physics. Interested undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Alexander Sokolov about the possibility of performing research in our lab.