Welcome to the Turro Group

The Turro Research Group

Pictured (from left), Back: Austin Lanquist, Piyush Gupta, Dr. Walter Dressick, Dr. Sean Steinke, Spencer Burton
Front: Erin Ramey, Jessie Vandevord, Dr. Claudia Turro, Matt Fortunato, Marilyn Dunbar, Alexia Silva, Santana Garcia

The research in the Turro group encompasses a wide area of chemistry – including inorganic, physical, supramolecular, and biological chemistry. There is a variety of projects that students are working on in the group, many of which involve the use of optical instrumentation to measure electronic absorption, emission, and lifetime properties. In addition, ultrafast and nanosecond transient absorption spectroscopies, as well as ultrafast time-resolved infrared techniques are important tools that we use to obtain spectral and lifetime information on the excited states and short-lived intermediates involved in photochemical reactions on chemically relevant timescales.

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