Collaborative Research on Dirhodium Photocatalysts Anchored onto NiO Activated with Red Light Published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society

1/2021 – In collaboration with Jiaonan Sun in the group of Dr. Yiying Wu at Ohio State, Jie published work on a dirhodium complex, anchored to NiO, capable of evolving H2 following the absorption of a broad range of light, extending from the ultraviolet to the near-IR region.



11/2020 – Congratulations to Dr. Hemanthi Manamperi for successfully defending her thesis


10/2020 – Congratulations to Matt Fortunato for successfully completing his candidacy exam


Mini-Review on Rirhodium Complexes as Photosensitizers and Photocatalysts Published in Chemistry – A European Journal

10/2020 – Dr. Shaoyang Lin published a mini-review on the use of dirhodium complexes as homogenous photosensitizers and photocatalysts with broad absorption through the visible and near-infrared regions.

Turro Group Research on Dirhodium Photocatlysts Activated with Red Light Published in Chemical Science

8/2020 – Jie published her work on a series of dirhodium complexes which act as single-molecule photocatalysts for the production of H2 following red light irradiation.

Turro Group Research on Electron Transfer at Micelle Surfaces Published in the Journal of Chemical Physics

8/2020 – Dr. Eric Piechota published work on bimolecular electron transfer rate constants between a neutral Ru(II) complex and negatively charged micelle surface, which are tuned by over two orders of magnitude though the addition of sodium counter ions.

7/2020 – Congratulations to Jessie Vandevord for successfully completing her candidacy exam


Collaborative Research on the Anticancer Activity of a Triruthenium Cluster Published in Dalton Transactions

7/2020 – In collaboration with researchers at the University of Sao Paulo, Turro Group members investigated the anticancer and antitrypansomal activity, DNA interactions, and human serum albumin interactions of a series of triruthenium clusters containing phenazine ligands.

5/2020 – Congratulation to Rebekah and Marilyn for succesfully completing their first-year exams


Collaborative Research on the Biological Application of a Triruthenium Cluster Published in Inorganic Chemistry Communications

4/2020 – In collaboration with researchers at the University of Sao Paulo, Turro Group members investigated the cancer cytotoxicity and human serum albumin binding ability of a triruthenium cluster.

Turro Group, in Collaboration with Dr. Jeffrey Rack, Publishes Work on Nitrile Photodissociation in Chemical Communications

3/2020 – Dr. Lauren Loftus investigated the excited-state lifetimes and ligand exchange quantum yields of a series of Ru(II)-terpyridine complexes and found anti-energy gap law behavior.

Collaborative Research on Dual-Active Ruthenium Complexes Published in Inorganic Chemistry

2/2020 – Alongside researchers at Wayne State University, new dual-active ruthenium complexes were synthesized with the purpose of blocking DNA intercalation and their suitability for PDT and PCT applications investigated.

Collaborative Research on New Synthetic Methods in Dirhodium Complexes Published in Inorganic Chemistry

1/2020 – In collaboration with researchers at Texas A&M University, work was published on dirhodium formamidinate isomers synthesized via a new method, which allowed for the characterization of synthetic intermediates.

Turro Group Recognized in C&E News for Research on Single-Molecule Photocatalyst

1/2020 – A recent publication from the Turro research group on an air-stable catalyst that uses light to produce hydrogen fuel was recently highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News. Work was performed by Dr. Tyler Whittemore, Congcong Xue, Jie Huang, and Judy Gallucci and was published in Nature Chemistry.

Turro Group Research on Single-Molecule Photocatalysis Published in Nature Chemistry

1/2020 – Group members Congcong and Jie, as well as alumnus Dr. Tyler Whittemore, published their work on a dirhodium photocatalyst for the production of hydrogen gas in Nature Chemistry.

Dr. Congcong Xue accepted a position at Yet2

1/2020 – Congratulations to Dr. Congcong Xue, who accepted a job offer at Yet2, an innovation consulting and technology scouting company, as an associate project leader.

Collaborative Research on Triruthenium Clusters Published in Dalton Transactions

1/2020 – Visiting student Camila da Silva, along with Dr. Congcong Xue and former post-doc Dr. Malik Al-Afyouni published their work on a series of μ-oxo-triruthenium carboxylates bearing orthometalated phenazines in Dalton Transactions.



Dirhodium Catalysts for the Conversion of CO2 to HCOOH Published in ACS Applied Energy Materials

10/2019 – Hemanthi and Turro graduate Dr. Suzanne Witt published their work on dirhodium catalysts exhibiting different efficiencies and selectivity for HCOOH and H2 production in ACS Applied Energy Materials.