Badu Research Group Patents

[5]  Development of Novel Ionic Probes for Direct Analysis Large-Molecular-Weight Analytes from Biofluids and Tissues using Ambient Mass spectrometry” Badu-Tawiah, A.K ; Chen, S.; Wan, Q.  2015, pending

[4]   Method and Apparatus for Contained-electrospray for Use in Mass Spectrometry and Droplet Reactions” Badu-Tawiah, A.K and Kulyk, D.  2015, pending

[3]   “Paper-based Immunoasay with Polymerization-based Signal Amplification” Badu-Tawiah, A.K., Lathwal, S., Kaastrup, K., Al-Sayah, M., Christodouleas, D., Sikes, H., Whitesides, M.G. 2013

[2]   “Separation of Emulsified and Dissolved Organic Compounds from Water “ Badu-Tawiah, A.K., Thou M.M., Whitesides, M.G. 2013

[1]   “In-situ Analysis of Corrosion Inhibitors Using Portable Mass Spectrometer Coupled with Paper Spray Ionization” Jjunju, P.M.F., Li, A., Badu-Tawiah, A.K., Wei, P., Roqan, I.S., Cooks, R.G. 2013