• Takes an RNA sequence as input to generate a list of DNA guides for DISC mediated cleavage covering the length of the RNA.
  • Download gDNAgen_v1.1.exe
    • You will need to have Python2.x installed.
    • Double-click on the *.exe file.
    • Select a text file with your sequence.
      • The file will need to have only the sequence on the first line and nothing else in the document.
    • At the next prompt, type in the name of your desired output file without an extension (e.g. “output” will yield the file output.txt).


  • RiboCAT  –  (Ribonucleic acid Capillary-electrophoresis Analysis Tool): A new, user-friendly tool for analysis of RNA probing data collected using capillary electrophoresis.
  • RiboDOG  –  (RiboCAT Data Output Generator): A companion tool for RiboCAT that formats outputs for error-checking and input files for RNAStructure.
  • Please reference the following:
    • Cantara, W. A., Hatterschide, J., Wu, W. & Musier-Forsyth, K. RiboCAT: a new capillary electrophoresis data analysis tool for nucleic acid probing. RNA 23, 240-249, doi:10.1261/rna.058404.116 (2017).
  • Downloads
    • RiboCAT RNA Probing Tools
      • Download RiboCAT_v1.42 (updated Oct 18, 2016)
        • Due to new security rules, an additional installation step is required for Excel for Mac 2016 users (see User Manual for details) – Download script HERE.
      • Download RiboDOG_v1.20 (updated Dec 15, 2016)
        • Some features not compatible with Excel for Mac 2016 (see User Manual for details)
      • Download User_Manual/Quick_Start_Guide/Step-by-Step_Guide
      • Download Tutorial_Files (requires unzipping software)
        • This works with Windows and Mac.
        • RiboCAT requires Python 2.X, and it must be in your PATH.
        • Report bugs to
      • View the video tutorial below (updated Oct 18, 2016; now with ability to navigate to different “chapters” of the tutorial):