Current Courses

Biochemistry 2998H: Early Experience in Research in Biochemistry – Laboratory

Biochemistry 2998H is the second of two honors undergraduate courses designed to “expose students to emerging research areas and topics in the field[s] of biochemistry and biotechnology…and provides students with the opportunity to become engaged in individual research experiences.”
Biochemistry 5614: Metabolism

Biochemistry 5614 is an advanced three-credit course required for undergraduate Biochemistry majors that may also be taken by first-year graduate students. The course discusses the underlying chemical logic of glycolysis; gluconeogenesis; the TCA cycle; glycogen, lipid, and amino acid metabolism; and ATP generation via substrate-level and oxidative phosphorylation. The learning objectives are to:

  • Become familiar with the broad underlying principles of intermediary metabolism
  • Apply fundamental chemical principles to the understanding of key metabolic pathways
  • Understand the pathways and mechanisms of energy generation (e.g., ATP synthesis) that are coupled to the oxidation of metabolites
  • Appreciate the metabolic basis of select human diseases
  • Design and describe biochemical experiments to test hypotheses
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Biochemistry 7766.01: Advanced Nucleic Acids

    Biochemistry 7766.01 is the first of two advanced two-credit courses designed to provide graduate students with a survey of the biology and biochemistry of RNA, with an emphasis on the structure-function relationships of RNAs. The course explores the principles and applications of well-established and emerging state-of-the-art techniques for elucidating the surprising versatility of RNA and RNA–protein complexes.


    Previous Courses

  • Biochemistry H200-201: Early Experience in Research in Biochemistry (course co-founder) — now BIOCHEM 2900H-2901H
  • Biochemistry 521: Introduction to Biological Chemistry — now BIOCHEM 5621
  • Biochemistry/Molecular Genetics 694: Frontiers in Life Sciences Research (course co-founder)
  • Biochemistry 702: Gene Expression
  • Biochemistry 708: Practical Course on Proteins and Enzymes
  • Biology 113: Energy Transfer and Development — now BIO 1113