December 23, 2014     Happy Holidays! HAVE AN AMAZING, WONDERFUL, SUCCESSFUL, AND PRODUCTIVE   2015 !

December 22, 2014   Our Immunity manuscript has been recommended

in F1000Prime as being of special significance in its field F1000_badge


December 11, 2014 Dmitri gave two talks (on ACD and defensins) and David, Chris, and Elena presented their posters at the ASCB meeting in Philadelphia this week

December 1, 2014   Dmitri is invited to give a talk about anti-toxin mechanism of defensins at ETOX, 17th European Workshop on Bacterial Protein Toxins (Portugal, June 20-24, 2015)

November 20, 2014   Our Defensin manuscript highlighted in the Immunity 41(5), 2014 issue by Jens-Michael Shroder Revealing the Achilles Heel of Bacterial Toxins

November 17, 2014   CONGRATS to Samantha Pawela, a recipient of an Arts and Sciences Honors Undergraduate Research Scholarship!!!


October 13, 2014   Dmitri is a co-author on a Nature Structural & Molecular Biology publication “Cryo-EM reveals different coronin binding modes for ADP- and ADP-BeFx actin filaments”

October 3, 2014    smile  Happy Smile Day!

Cell_Press_bannerSeptember 20, 2014  Our manuscript “Anti-chaperone activity of human defensins against bacterial toxins” has been provisionally accepted to Immunity.                    Keep up the good work!

September 18, 2014  Mubarik has presented his poster at 8th Annual Fall Undergraduate Research Week & Student Poster Forum

September 12, 2014  An update on the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting:

  • ACD-crosslinked actin olygomers: a poster + a minisymposium talk
  • Defensins: a poster + an ePoster talk
  • Plastins: a poster

September 4, 2014: David is elected as President of his graduate program, Ohio State Biochemistry Program!

August 28, 2014  Dmitri is to give a minisymposium /lightning talk at the 2014 ASCB/IFCB Meeting in Philadelphia, PA in December

August 27, 2014   Welcome back! New semester begins and we are looking forward to a collaborative and productive year!!!

August, 2014   We wish the BEST of LUCK to our alumni –                                                Barry Golestany (going to medical school at Rosalind Franklin University),                  Dmitry Grinevich (going to graduate program at University of South Carolina),      Cassidy Wang (going to undergraduate program at Georgia Institute of Technology)

July 7, 2014    Dmitri and Elena presented posters at the 2014 “Muscle & Molecular Motors” Gordon Research Conference, West Dover, VT

May 14, 2014 David gave his plenary talk titled “The inhibitory effects of ACD-crosslinked actin oligomers on mDia1-mediated actin polymerization” at the IGP Symposium today!

May 2, 2014 Congratulations to David, who was voted this year’s student plenary speaker for the IGP Symposium!

April 29, 2014   David Heisler’s abstract is selected for oral presentation at the 2014 OSU Molecular Life Sciences Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Symposium !

April 21, 2014   CONGRATULATIONS to Mubarik Mohamed  – a stipendiat of Research Experience for Undergraduates program sponsored by The National Science Foundation

April 18, 2014    Sean Gill and Cassidy Wang presented posters on their research work at the Biochem 2998H Poster Session

April 16, 2014   CONGRATULATIONS to Dmitry Grinevich on choosing to attend N.C. State to pursue his Ph.D. in biochemistry!!!

April 10, 2014   Elena’s paper titled: “Thermodynamic properties of the effector domains of MARTX toxins suggest their unfolding for translocation across the host membrane” was accepted in Molecular Microbiology!!!


April 1st, 2014    We are Three!

This is NOT an April fools’ joke, really. Exactly 3 years ego the lab has started. 

Thank you all for your commitment and enthusiasm. Happy Birthday, Lab!!!  


Mar 26, 2014    CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Zywiec (1st place) and Dmitry Grinevich (2nd place) – The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Winners

Mar 26, 2014    Andrew Zywiec and Dmitry Grinevich presented posters at The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Mar 5, 2014    Congratulations to Dmitry Grinevich, a recipient of an Outstanding Poster Award at the NMS research forum 2014

Mar 5, 2014    Andrew Zywiec and Dmitry Grinevich presented posters at The Natural and Mathematical Sciences research forum for undergraduate students

Feb 24, 2014    Chris Schwebach (graduate student, MCDB) joined our lab