Former Graduate Students/Postdocs:

Harper Smith – 2018-2022

Biophysical Interdisciplinary Program
Current position: Ph.D. student in Dr. Sotomayor’s lab

Vedud Purde – 2015-2020

Current Position: Principal Investigator in Advanced Cell Biology and Genetic Medicine at Eli Lilly and Company

Past Positions: Post-Doctoral Scientist and Research Scientist at Eli Lilly and Company TS/MS-IAPI Jan 2020- Nov 2021 – June 2022

Researchgate LinkedIn

Christopher Schwebach – 2014-2020

Graduate Pelotonia Fellow

Current Position – R&D Scientist at Bimeda Biologicals


David Heisler – 2011-2017

President of OSBP, PHPID fellow, winner of multiple poster and oral presentation awards

Current Position – posdoc at UT Southwestern


Alex Prokup2016-2017 – postdoc

Former Rotation Students

Undergraduate/High School Students

Sonia Brickey

Jacob Leksan

Julian Lee

Shivani Ambardekar

Matthew Orchard — September 2017/June 2020

Graduated with Research Distinction

The 25th Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Winner (Biological Sciences – 2nd place)

Amanda Thornton

Jonathan Wright

2017 Undergraduate PELOTONIA Fellow

Richa Agrawal – Summer2015/Summer 2018 – Graduated with Honors Research Distinction

Spring 2016 and 2017 Arts and Sciences Honors Research Scholarship Fellow, Summer Research Fellow, Research Scholar Award, 1st place winner of  2017 NMS undergraduate research forum

Current location – graduate student at Cornell University

Katie Revelas – Summer 2018 – REU NSF student

Blake Williams – Fall 2015/Spring 2017

Graduated with Honors Research Distinction

3rd place winner at The ACS Columbus Section and OSU Chemistry & Biochemistry Club Research Forum, a recipient of an Autumn 2016 Arts and Sciences Honors Research Scholarship

Mubarik Mohamed  – January 2014/Spring 2017

Graduated with Honors Research Distinction

Research Experience for Undergraduates program sponsored by The National Science Foundation (summer 2014), PELOTONIA 2016 Scolarship

Current location – medical student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine

Cristian Arias – Summer 2016 – REU NSF student

Kyle Shafer – Fall 2012/Spring 2016 – Graduated with Honors Research Distinction        

The 2016 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Winner  (1st place – Biological Sciences)

Current location – Johns Hopkins University, School of Nursing

Sean Gill – Spring 2014/Summer 2016

Lauren Strange – Summer 2014/Summer 2015

Current location – Wright State University, Master of Science in Anatomy program

Matt Saab – May2014/May 2015

Graduated with Honors Research Distinction  

Current location – Marshall University, the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Samantha Pawella May 2014/May 2015 – a recipient of an Arts and Sciences Honors Undergraduate Research Scholarship (Autumn 2014)

Cassidy Wang – sophomore and junior years of HIGH SCHOOL (2012/2014)

Current location – Georgia Institute of Technology, undergraduate student supported by REU summer NSF program (2016)

Barry Golestany – winter 2012/summer 2014

Graduated with Honors Research Distinction                                                  

Current location – Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, medical school

Dmitry O. Grinevich – summer 2013/summer 2014

A recipient of an Autumn 2013 Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship;  a recipient of an Outstanding Poster Award at NMS research forum 2014; 2014 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Winner (2nd place – Biological Sciences).                              

Graduated with Honors Research Distinction                 

Current location – North Carolina State University, graduate student supported by              NSF scholarship

Andrew Zywiec 2013/2014                                                                                       

The 2014 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Winner (1st place – Bio Sci)               Current location – St. George’s University, medical school

Shane Egresi2013

Current location: Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Ohio Health Heart and Vascular Physicians

Dominic Julian2012

Brian Meyerson2012

Tess Keppler2012                                                                                                        Current location – Cornell University Law School

Andrew Crone2011

Andrei Jipa2011


Michael Yingling – spring/summer 2011; spring 2016/2017