October 10, 2015  Our PHPID proposal was awarded.

September 25, 2015  David has won a 2nd place Poster Award at Dow Graduate Student Poster Competition following 2015 William Lloyd Evans Lecture (6 poster presenters have been awarded from total of 29 abstracts). Congratulations, David!

September 17, 2015  Dmitri has been selected as a 2015 ASCB-Gibco Emerging Leader Prize finalist to be recognized at a plenary session of the ASCB Annual Meeting in San Diego, December 12-16, 2015.

September 6, 2015   Kudryashov Lab Hike and Picnic

September 5, 2015   Blake is presenting a poster at the Fall Undergraduate Research Poster Forum, September 17, 2015


August 31, 2015   Terrific news: Our first NIH R01 is funded! Thank you all for the hard work and keep up the great job!!!

August 21, 2015   Chris has passed his Candidacy Exam today. Congratulations!

August 14, 2015   New Science paper highlight in NATURE REVIEWS MICROBIOLOGY | RESEARCH HIGHLIGHT

Science_1August 11, 2015  Our Science paper is highlighted in GEN News

August 10, 2015  Ohio State Research News Release

July 30, 2015   Huray! Our Science paper is in this week’s issue of Science (31 July 2015: Vol. 349 no. 6247 pp. 535-539).

July 14, 2015   Congtatulations to Richa on receiving a Research Scholar Award! Well done!

July 7, 2015   Our Science manuscript is officially accepted for publication! Congrats to all and David in particular with the first first-author paper! Way to go!!!

July 1, 2015   Vedud Purde, OSBP graduate student, joins our lab. Welcome, Vedud!May 22, 2015   Congratulations to David, who will be a student  moderator for the “Parallel Student Talks Session” at the OSU IGP Symposium on May 27th

May 5, 2015   Congratulations to David, who received a “Best Poster Award” at the OSU PHPID annual meeting!

April 24, 2015   Two events today: Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Forum – Blake is presenting a poster (4-5:30 pm, BioSci 609, 668); Buckeye Cell Biology “Around the Cell in One Day” – David and Chris are presenting posters, Dmitri is giving a talk (12:30-1 pm Talk; 6-8 pm Poster Session with Reception; Jennings Hall 3rd floor)

April 21, 2015   Dmitri is a recipient of a Young Investigator Award and will be giving a BBA Biomembranes sponsored talk at Gordon Research conference “Antimicrobial Peptides” (Italy, May 3-8, 2015)

April 8, 2015   Dmitri is invited to give talks about defensins at Gordon Research conference “Antimicrobial Peptides” (Italy, May 3-8, 2015) and European Workshop on Bacterial Protein Toxins “ETOX17 (Portugal, June 20-24, 2015)

April 1, 2015   Happy 4th Birthday, Lab!

March 24, 2015   Good Luck to our Denman Forum participants: Lauren, Sam, Matt, and Mubarik!

March 24, 2015   Congratulations to Kyle – a recipient of The Bertram Thomas Memorial Scholarship by the CBC department (2015-2016)

March 12, 2015   Congratulations to Blake – a recipient of CBC department scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year

March 11, 2015   Congratulations to Sean – a recipient of The Bertram Thomas Memorial Scholarship by the CBC department (2015-2016)

February 19, 2015   Congratulations! Our Plastin project was awarded by The OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center (Institutional Research Grant) – American Cancer Society (ACS)-supported seed grant

February 19, 2015   Congratulations to Matt and Mubarik! – poster abstracts’ve been accepted for Denman Forum

February 17, 2015   Congratulations to Sam! – poster abstract’s been provisionally accepted for Denman Forum

February 16, 2015   Congratulations to Lauren! – poster abstract’s been accepted for Denman Forum

February 11, 2015   Our manuscript on retrocyclins has been accepted to the Biochemical Journal

January 25, 2015   Dmitri is an invited speaker at Buckeye Cell Biology meeting “Around the Cell in One Day” coming up on Friday April 24, 2015 at The Ohio State University. Grad students are encouraged to submit their abstracts by March 20.

January 20, 2015   New defensin paper highlight in NATURE IMMUNOLOGY | RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS by Ioana Visan “Unfold and destroy” in Nature Immunology 16,141 (2015); doi:10.1038/ni.3090

January 14, 2015   Defensin paper in today’s COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES NEWS & UPDATES

January 8, 2015     Defensin paper in today’s  NSF  SCIENCE360  NEWS (Headlines)

January 7, 2015     Ohio State Research News Release