November 18, 2016   Congratulations to Blake, who received Autumn 2016 Arts and Sciences Honors Research Scholarship!

November 3, 2016   Blake is presenting a poster at 2016 Meek Lecture undergraduate research poster session

July 22, 2016   Congratulations to Vedud on passing Candidacy!

June 10, 2016   We are welcoming Alex Prokup – our new postdoc joining our lab in July!

May 3, 2016   Congratulations to David – 2016 PHPID Fellowship winner

April 22, 2016   Congratulations to Mubarik for getting 2016  PELOTONIA award!!!       Big Opportunity – Big ResponsibilitiesPelotonia

April 14, 2016   Congratulations to Richa ( again! ), who is awarded with Spring 2016 Arts and Sciences Honors Research Scholarship!

April 5, 2016   Congratulations to Richa, who is awarded with 2016 Mayers Summer Research Scholarship! 

April 1, 2016   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAB!      Give5

March 31-April 1, 2016   Dmitri is giving a talk at the Center for Microbial Interface Biology Research Symposium: The Center for Microbial Interface Biology hosts its seventh Research Symposium on Thursday (3/31) and Friday (4/1). The event showcases the research of faculty, research staff and students from Ohio State and from the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Michael Gilmore of Harvard will present the keynote address at 4 p.m. Thursday (3/31). Oral presentations take place in 170 Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute; poster sessions in 115 Biomedical Research Tower. Presentations and keynote speech are open to the public. 
— > Read more: http://cmib.osu.edu/retreat/
— > Contact: Breanne Richey at Breanne.richey@osumc.edu

March 30, 2016  Congratulations to Kyle for taking 1st place (Biological Sciences) at The DenmanFabulous achievement! Richa, Blake, and Mubarik did a great job presenting their posters at the Denman.

March 28,, 2016  David’s abstract has been selected for oral presentation at the 2016 OBAMS meeting

March 8, 2016  Congratulations to Blake for taking 3rd place for a poster presentation at The ACS (American Chemical Society) Columbus Section and OSU Chemistry & Biochemistry Club Research Forum

March 2, 2016   Our lab’s very first alumnus (2011) Michael Yingling has joined our lab again as a lab assistant. Welcome back, Michael!

February 26, 2016  Congratulations to David, who won the 1st place in Oral Presentations for the Biological Sciences at the 30th Annual Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum

Highlighted in the OSU College of Arts and Sciences Newsletter !

February 22, 2016   Congratulations to Richa, Blake, Mubarik,  and Kyle who will be presenting their posters at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

February 9, 2016  Chis is to be a poster presenter for the 2016 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum. Well done!

February 3, 2016   Science Café to explore host-pathogen battles: Science Café continues Wednesday (2/3) 6:30 p.m. in 090/070 18th Avenue Library. Dmitri Kudryashov, assistant professor, Ohio State’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will deliver “Finding ‘Weak Spots’ for Making ‘Strong Points’ in Host-Pathogen Battles,” a discussion of strategies evolving on the bacterial level that can affect our immune systems. All are welcome.
— > Contact: scicafe@osu.edu
— > Read more: go.osu.edu/osusciencecafe

January 25, 2016  David is to be an oral presenter for the 2016 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum. Well done!