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o-h-i-oBuckeye Links

Chemistry Department of The Ohio State University

Seminar Schedule – Dept of Chemistry & Biochemistry

University Library – electronic journal access

LibraryJournal Clubs

“Most Read” ACS Articles in JACSOrganic LettersJOC

Hot Topics” in Wiley journals: C-H Activation, C-C CouplingOrganocatatalysis, PhotocatalysisSustainable Chemistry, Mesoporous Materials, CO2 Chemistry

Methods in Organic Synthesis & Natural Products Updates – new developments in methods & synthesis, aggregated by RSC Publishing

applications-scienceChemistry Links

Reference Resolver – automatically finds and opens any citation

Encyclopedia of Reagents – mini-reviews on chemistry of reagents

Chemical Databases: SciFinderReaxys, Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS)

More Chemical Databases: Organic Chemistry PortalChemSpiderScience of Synthesis

laboratoryLab Resources

Synthetic Techniques – a wealth of practical wisdom for junior and senior researchers alike

More useful information:
Solvent Properties and pKa Tables: Evans & Bordwell
Wikipedia Chemistry Related Lists: Named ReactionsCooling Baths

keyboard_layoutOther Organic Links

Research Groups – a list of Organic Chemistry research groups in the US

Diversify Chemistry – a database of chemists from many backgrounds

Academic Genealogy – a family tree of the group’s academic heritage


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