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The Shafaat Group is looking for a postdoc!

Interest in working with metalloproteins is a must-have; bioinorganic experience is desired. You will gain experience in metallobiochemistry, protein engineering, and diverse spectroscopic techniques (e.g., resonance Raman, pulsed EPR, transient absorption). Contact or 614-688-1982 with CV and cover letter if interested.

We are combining spectroscopy, theory, and bioinorganic chemistry to study biologically relevant energy conversion reactions.

Our research centers on the study of metalloenzymes that carry out valuable reactions relevant to alternative energy sources and clean energy storage. Using nature as inspiration, we seek to harness the advantages of bioinorganic platforms while overcoming the limitations of fragile multimeric protein systems. Our projects utilize a diverse array of scientific tools, from wet chemistry—molecular biology, chemical synthesis, and metalloprotein design—to spectroscopy—steady state and time-resolved optical techniques along with visible and ultraviolet resonance Raman spectroscopy—to quantum chemical calculations. Obtaining molecular-level insight into the mechanisms of catalysis will guide our design of increasingly efficient and robust catalysts for application.


The Shafaat Group research is generously supported by the following agencies and sponsors.

Group News

06/2018: Effie receives the Pelotonia Graduate Fellowship to help cure cancer! Congratulations!

05/2018: Cami wins a Best Poster award at the 2018 OSU Molecular Biophysics Symposium! Congratulations!

04/2018: Tasha receives a Graduate Student Award for distinguished service in mentoring! Congratulations!

04/2018: Cami, Tasha, and Michael published a paper in Chemical Communications! Congratulations! [Link]

02/2018: Dr. Hannah Shafaat receives a 2018 Sloan Research Fellowship! Congratulations!

01/2018: Clayton Wilson joined the group as a Chemistry (Organic Division) student! Welcome!

12/2017: Pearson, Effie, and Zach published a paper in JACS! Congratulations! [Link]

11/2017: Cami received the OSU Presidential Fellowship! Congratulations!

11/2017: Kassie, Jack, and Ayla joined the group as undergraduate students! Welcome!

11/2017: Pearson passed his thesis defense! Congratulations Dr. Pearson Maugeri!

11/2017: Zach won 3rd place at the poster session at Ohio Inorganic Weekend! Congratulations!

11/2017: The Shafaat lab hosted Ohio Inorganic Weekend and it was a success! We had many great poster and presentations! See link for photos from this year conference! [Link]

09/2017: Michael, Sean, and Cami published a paper in ChemSusChem! Congratulations! [Link]

08/2017: receives the the 2017 DOE Early Career Award! Congratulations!

07/2017: Shelby passed her candidacy exam! Congratulations!

07/2017: Cami was awarded “Best of the Young” talk at the 2017 International Solar Fuels Conference. Congratulations!

07/2017: Tasha, Matt, and Cami published a paper in JACS! Congratulations! [Link]

06/2017: Sean passed his candidacy exam! Congratulations!

06/2017: Shafaat lab wins safety recognition for being the safest lab within the department! [Link]

06/2017: Regina received the GAANN fellowship for 2017! Congratulations!

06/2017: Effie, Nick, and Pearson published a paper in Biochemistry! Congratulations! [Link]

05/2017: Tasha won second place at the IGP Poster Competition! Congratulations!

05/2017: Jeff and Shelby won best student poster award at the OSU Materials Week Poster Competition! Congratulations!

05/2017: Tasha received the Ohio State Chapter P.E.O Sisterhood Scholarship Award! Congratulations!

05/2017: Cami presented a poster at the 2017 CBIP symposium poster session! Good Job!

03/2017: Alex and Zach presented posters at the 2017 Denman Research Forum! Good Job!

03/2017: Effie won third place in the 2017 ACS Columbus Section Graduate Poster Competition! Congratulations!

03/2017: Jeff, Sean, and Pearson published a paper in Inorganic Chemistry! Congratulations! [Link]

02/2017: Tasha was announced as the new Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) vice-chair for 2018 and the chair for 2019! Congratulations! [Link]

01/2017: Zach received a SOLAR grant for undergraduate research in Epidemiology and Virology! Congratulations! [Link]

01/2017: Effie received an American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) 2017 Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award! Congratulations!

01/2017: Tim O’Connor joined the group as a undergraduate biochemistry student! Welcome!

01/2017: Regina Trevino joined the group as a Chemistry (Inorganic Division) student! Welcome!

11/2016: Shelby passed her master thesis defense! Congratulations!

11/2016: The Shafaat Group hosted the 2016 Breakfast of Science Champions (BoSC) where young students come to OSU to learn more about what scientist actually do! [Link]

11/2016: The Shafaat Group presented posters and gave a talk at the 2016 Ohio Inorganic Weekend! [Link]

10/2016: Cami won best poster at the 2016 DOW Evans Graduate Student Poster Competition! Congratulations!

10/2016: Sean won best poster at the Ohio Supercomputer Center State Wide Poster Competition! Congratulations! [Link]

09/2016: Michael Stevenson joined the group as a postdoctoral researcher! Welcome!

08/2016: Effie passed her candidacy exam! Congratulations!

06/2016: Cami published a paper in the Journal of Chemical Communications! Congratulations! [Link]

06/2016: The Shafaat lab acquired more lab space and will be expanding this summer!

05/2016: Zach Smith joined the group as an undergraduate biochemistry/psychology student! Welcome!

05/2016: Pearson passed his candidacy exam! Congratulations!

05/2016: Sean passed his first-year oral exam! Congratulations!

04/2016: Alex Leveto joined the group as an undergraduate chemical engineering student! Welcome!

04/2016: Cami passed her candidacy exam! Congratulations!

03/2016: Nick placed second and Matt received an honorable mention in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum poster session in the Math and Physical Science Division! Congratulations!

01/2016: Sean Marguet joined the group as a Chemistry (Physical Division) student! Welcome!

10/2015: Shelby published a review article in Comments on Inorganic Chemistry. Congratulations! [Link]

09/2015: Tasha placed third in the Evan Lecture poster competition. Congratulations!

09/2015: Jeff published a paper in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters! Congratulations! [Link]

08/2015: Haleigh has joined the lab as a research scientist! Congratulations!

08/2015: Hannah received an exploratory seed grant from the Institute of Materials Research! Congratulations!

08/2015: Jeff passed his candidacy exam! Congratulations!

08/2015: Tasha published a paper in Inorganic Chemistry! Congratulations! [Link]

06/2015: Shelby passed her first-year oral exams! Congratulations!

06/2015: Cami was awarded a Chemistry-Biology Interface Program (CBIP) Training Grant! Congratulations!

04/2015: Tasha passed her candidacy exam! Congratulations!

04/2015: Nick wins a Pelotonia Fellowship! Congratulations!

04/2015: Matt wins an ASC Undergraduate Research Award! Congratulations!

04/2015: Cami Schneider joins the group as an Ohio
State Biochemistry Program (OSBP) stduent! Welcome!

03/2015: Effie Miller joins the group as an Ohio State Biochemistry Program (OSBP) student! Welcome!

03/2015: Matt wins an Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship! Congratulations!

01/2015: Dr. Hannah Shafaat receives an NSF CAREER Award! Congratulations!

12/2014: Nick receives a SOLAR fund research award! Congratulations!

12/2014: Nick wins a Research Scholar Award! Congratulations!

12/2014: Shelby Behnke joins the group as a Chemistry (Inorganic Division) student! Welcome!

10/2014: Pearson Maugeri joins the group as a Biophysics student! Welcome!

09/2014: Jeff is a Finalist in the Dow Poster Competition! Congratulations!

08/2014: Matthew O’Connor & Haleigh Monaco join the group! Welcome!

04/2014: Sabrina Cirino wins an Undergraduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations!

02/2014: Anastasia Manesis and Jeffrey Slater join the group as OSBP students! Welcome!

01/2014: Nicholas Trivelas joins the group! Welcome!

09/2013: Sabrina Cirino joins the group! Welcome!