• Thermodynamics (Chem 6520)
  • Kinetics (Chem 6530)


  • Physical Chemistry II (Chem 4310)
  • The Inorganic Chemistry of Bioinspired Energy Conversion (Chem 7310), SP19, 7 weeks (2nd session)

Description of Chem 7310: Nature has evolved elegant but complicated solutions for carrying out highly efficient energy conversion. Chemists have long sought to reproduce these reactions using synthetic systems, with varying degrees of success. This course will give an overview of important energy conversion reactions in nature as well as those modeled chemically and discuss the implications of these processes in the context of environmental concerns. Fundamentals and applications of spectroscopic techniques that have been of particular utility for understanding the natural and model systems, including but not limited to advanced EPR, X-ray, and vibrational approaches, will also be covered.

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2018 Penn State Bioinorganic Workshop

Introduction to Resonance Raman
Dr. Shafaat and Jeffrey Slater taught an introduction to resonance Raman (RR) spectroscopy at the 2018 Penn State Bioinorganic Workshop. PDF of the introduction slides presented at the workshop can be found below.