November 8th   Songyu’s presentation “Bringing actin-specific ADP-ribosylating bacterial toxins to a physiological context: the role of actin binding proteins” wins second place at the Dow Graduate Student Symposium and Seminar Competition! Great work!

October 1st   We took a new 2021 Kudryashov lab group photo in front of the Script Ohio Monument near the Ohio stadium.

September 27th   Hasheena joins the lab and Sara begins her four-week rotation. Excited to work with them both!

August 28th   Kyle and Eshan join the lab. Welcome!

August 20th   Songyu’s work is highlighted by IDI news. Congrats, Songyu!

August 11th   The Kudryashov lab continues its safety streak by earning its spot in the 2021 Laboratory Safety Dean’s List! Thanks to our lab safety officer, Lucas!

August 10th   The biannual 2021 Cytoskeleton@OSU conference takes place, and Songyu presents her work “Substrate specificity of Salmonella SpvB toxin.

June 7th   John begins his REU. John is a junior at OSU majoring in neuroscience. Welcome, John!

April 25th   Songyu is awarded a six-month grant by the Infectious Diseases Institute for her IDI Trainee Transformative Research Grant proposal, Molecular mechanisms of the Salmonella toxin SpvB’s activity.

May 21st  Selected by judges and fellow Biophysics graduate students, Harper gives a plenary talk entitled “Breaking the cycle: ACD-crosslinked actin rings disrupt normal rounds of actin polymerization” at the IGP symposium.

May 12th Jake begins as a research volunteer! Welcome, Jake!

April 22nd   Songyu presents her work at the IDI Virtual 3rd Annual Meeting.

April 1   The Kudryashov lab celebrates its 10th birthday!

March 17   Welcome to Jaylen Taylor, our newest graduate student!

January 23   Recent graduate Dr. Christopher Schwebach reviews the link between plastin 3 and osteoporosis in a Frontiers in Cell Developmental Biology paper.

January 13  We publish our story about ACD-crosslinked rings in IJMS in collaboration with Sotomayor and Wysocki labs at OSU, along with Vavylonis lab at Lehigh! The paper continues the work started by lab alumni David Heisler and Nick Pinkerton.