Previous Members

Chen DuPh.D.(2023)Dissertation: Structural Analysis of Protein-Protein/RNA Complexes Using Native MS
Alexei ValloMaster(2023)Defense
Yongseok KimPh.D.(2023)Dissertation: Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics study to characterize host and gut microbiome interaction during Salmonella infection
Angela DiCapuaPost Doc.Università degli Studi della Basilicata (Italy)
Maryam BaniasadPh.D (2022)Defense: “Mass Spectrometry Proteomics and Metabolomics to Characterize Salmonella Infection”
Benjamin JonesPh.D (2022)Defense: “Development of Native Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation to Improve Structural Characterization of Protein Complexes”
Dalton SnyderResearch ScientistsTeledyne FLIR
Andrew NorrisPh.D (2021)Dissertation: ” Native mass spectrometry and complementary techniques to characterize biological macromolecular assemblies”
Kelly KarchPost Doc.
Erin M. PanczykPh.D (2021)Dissertation: “Characterization of Peptides, Proteins, and Protein Complexes using Infrared Multiphoton Dissociation Spectroscopy, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, and Surface-induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry”
Samantha Hinckley SarniPh.D (2020)Dissertation: “Characterization of RNA and RNA-Protein Complexes by Native Mass Spectrometry”
Melody (Pepsi) HolmquistPh.D (2020)Dissertation: “Using native mass spectrometry to study the role of homo-oligomeric proteins in gene regulation by using TRAP as a model protein system”
Florian BuschPost Doc.Bruker Inc. in Bremen 
Zachary L. VanAernumPh.D (2020)Dissertation: “Novel native mass spectrometry-based approaches for the interrogation of protein complexes”
Alyssa Q. StivingPh.D (2020)Dissertation: “Development of Surface-Induced Dissociation,Ion Mobility, and Ultraviolet Photodissociationto CharacterizePeptide, Protein, and Protein Complex Structure”
Bernice AganaPh.D (2019)Dissertation: “Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics and Metabolomics: Understanding Protein Interactions, Proteome Complexity and Perturbations in Cellular Metabolism”
Mengxuan JiaPh.D (2019)Dissertation: “Native Mass Spectrometry for Characterization of Protein:protein and Protein:RNA Complexes”
Jikang WuPh.D (2018)Dissertation: “Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics and Protein Native Structure Characterization to Improve Intervention in Salmonellosis and Proteomics-based Biomarker Characterization in Invasive Aspergillosis”
Joshua GilbertPost Doc.Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Aniruddha SahasrabuddhePh.D (2017)Dissertation: “Characterization of Proteins and Protein Complexes by Online Chromatographic Separations and Direct Infusion Native Mass Spectrometry”
Jing YanPh.D (2017)Dissertation: “Native mass spectrometry protein structural characterization via surface induced dissociation: instrumentation and applications”
Akiko TanimotoPh.D (2016)Dissertation: “Investigation of the Editing Mechanism of Prolyl-tRNA Synthetase and Characterization of RNase P Variants by Mass Spectrometry”
Nilini RanbadugePh.D (2016)Dissertation: “Mass Spectrometry-Based Clinical Proteomics for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”
Yue (Linny) JuPh.D (2015)Dissertation: “Mass spectrometric analysis of protein and protein ligand complexes”
Andrew VanSchoiackPh.D (2015)Dissertation: “Mass spectrometry: Toward elucidating the biosignature of coccidioidomycosis and insights into surface induced dissociation of biologically relevant carbohydrates”
Yang (Stella) SongPh.D. (2015)Dissertation: “Protein Primary and Quaternary Structure Elucidation by Mass Spectrometry”
Royston S. QuintynPh.D. (2015)Dissertation: “Applying Tandem Mass Spectrometry coupled with Ion Mobility to probe the Structure of Non-Covalent Protein Complexes and their Interactions with Ligands, Peptides and other Proteins”
Chengsi (Michelle) HuangPh.D. (2014)Dissertation: “Identification and Validation of Protein Biomarkers for Invasive Aspergillosis; Development of Surface-Induced Dissociation Device and Paper Spray Ionization Source for Protein Complex Studies”
Matthew BernierPh.D. (2014)Dissertation: “Ionization, dissociation, and the investigation of structure in small molecular models to develop a broader understanding of gas phase ion chemistry”
Lindsay MorrisonPh.D. (2014)Dissertation: “Application of MS/MS and ion mobility to the characterization of secondary and tertiary protein structure”
Xin MaPh.D. (2014)Dissertation: “Dissociation study for biological molecules by mass spectrometry”
Yun ZhangPost Doc. Novavax, Inc.
Ran AnM.S. (2014)Thesis: “Using a combinatorial peptide ligand library to reduce the dynamic range of protein concentrations in complicated biological samples”
Mowei ZhouPh.D. (2013)Dissertation: “Incorporation of surface induced dissociation into a commercial ion mobility : tandem mass spectrometer and application of mass spectrometry methods for structural analysis of non-covalent protein complexes”
David BushPh.D. (2013)Dissertation: “The LC/MS/MS Analysis of Pyridinoline and Desmosines in Hypertensive Mouse Aorta, Elucidation of Arginine and Proline Fragmentation for the Analysis of Arginine Metabolism in Mosquitoes by LC/MS/MS, and Mudpit Identification of B. Pseudomallei Proteins in Urine”
Tiffany MealmanPh.D. (2012)Dissertation: “Metal Transfer And Protein-Protein Interactions In The CusCFBA CU(I)​”
Wenzhou LiPh.D. (2012)Dissertation: “Protein identification algorithms developed from statistical analysis of MS/MS fragmentation patterns”
Anne BlackwellPh.D. (2012)Dissertation: “Expanding the role of gas-phase methods in structural biology: Characterization of protein quaternary structure and dynamics by tandem mass spectrometry and ion mobility”
Unige LaskayPost Doc. 
Ashely GucinskiPh.D. (2011)Dissertation: “Gas phase structural studies of peptide fragment ions: Structural insights into mass spectrometry fragmentation mechanisms”
Erin Johnson KaletaPh.D. (2010)Dissertation: “Applications of mass spectrometry to bacterial diagnostics: Affinity capture matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry and polymerase chain reaction mass spectrometry”
Sung Hwan Yoon, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2010)Dissertation: “Studies of Ion Dissociation Kinetics and Mechanisms by Surface-Induced Dissociation and IRMPD/Soft-Landing”
Eric D. Dodds, Ph.D.Post Doc.University of Nebraska
Brittany R. Perkins , Ph.D.Ph.D. (2009)Dissertation: “Probing Gas-Phase Peptide Structure and Protein-Protein Interactions Using Mass Spectrometric Techniques ”
Samanthi Wickramasekara , Ph.D.Ph.D. (2008)Dissertation: “Mass Spectrometry Based Identification of Proteins in Burkholderia Species and in the Blood Meal of Ticks”
Christopher Jones, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2008)Dissertation:”Characterization of Macromolecular Protein Assemblies by Collision-Induced and Surface-Induced Dissociation: Expanding the Role of Mass Spectrometry in Structural Biology”
Karen Joyce, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2008)Dissertation:”Development of Reactive Ion Scattering Spectrometry (RISS) as an Analytical Surface Characterization Technique”
Asiri Galhena, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2008)Dissertation:”Implementation of an In-line Surface-induced Dissociation Device in a Quadrupole Time-of-flight Instrument and Its Performance”
Wei JiangM.S.(2008)Thesis: “From Glucose to Collagen: Characterization and Quantification of Biomolecules by Mass Spectrometry”
James Rohrbough, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2007)Dissertation: “Identification of Protein Vaccine Candidates Using Comprehensive Proteomic Analysis Strategies”
Amy Hilderbrand, Ph.D.Post Doc. 
Richard Beardsley, Ph.D.Post Doc.Roche Applied Science
Guilong (Charles) Cheng, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2007)Dissertation: “Unraveling Macro-Molecular Machinery By Mass Spectrometry: From Single Proteins To Non-Covalent Protein Complexes”
Li Ji, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2006)Dissertation: “Using Peak Intensity and Fragmentation Patterns in Peptide Sequence Identification (SQID): A Bayesian Learning Algorithm for Tandem Mass Spectra”
Xi (Cindy) Yang, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2006)Dissertation:”Characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayers by Low Energy Reactive Ion Scattering Spectrometry: Influence of Terminal Group Composition and Structures”
Xiujuan (Jane) WenM.S. (2006)M.S. Thesis: “ Small Molecule Matrix-Free Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry”
Qingfen Zhang, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2006)Dissertation: “Peptide Fragmentation and Amino Acid Quantification by Mass Spectrometry”
Guanhong TanM.S. (2006)M.S. Thesis: “Study of Protein Identification Algorithms and Ammonia Metabolism in Mosquitoes”
Zhuhua QiM.S. (2005)M.S. Thesis: “ Surface Induced Dissociation (SID) as a Tool for Probing Halogenated Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayer Films and Reactivity of Polyatomic Ions”
Kristin Herrmann-Favela, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2005)Dissertation: “Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange and Fragmentation of Biomolecules to Probe Gas Phase Structure and Energetics”
Chaminda Gamage, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2005)Dissertation: “ Instrumentation and Kinetic Studies of Surface-Induced Dissociation in a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer”
Yingying Huang, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2004)Dissertation: “Data Mining of Peptide M.S.-M.S. Spectra to Elucidate Gas-Phase Peptide Dissociation Mechanism M.S. and Improve Protein Identification”
Facundo Fernandez, Ph.D.Post Doc.Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology
Krishna Kuppannan, Ph.D.Post Doc.Research Associate in the Center for Toxicology at the University of Arizona
Selvan Ravindran, Ph.D.Post Doc.University of Texas Medical Branch
Arpad Somogyi, Ph.D.Post Doc.Director of the Mass Spectrometry Facility in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Arizona
George Tsaprailis, Ph.D.Post Doc.Director of the Proteomics Core Facility and Analytical Core Facility Manager in the Center for Toxicology at the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center located in the Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona
Lori Smith, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2003)Dissertation: “Effectiveness of Low Energy Collisional Activation Methods for Automated Peptide Sequencing by Tandem Mass Spectrometry”
Darrin Smith, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2002)Dissertation: “Low-energy Ion-surface Collisions at Self-Assembled Monolayers:  Characterization of Target Surfaces and Projectile Ions”
Vince Angelico, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2002)Dissertation: “Properties of Thin Organic Films Measured by Low-energy Ion-surface Collisions”
Linda Breci, Ph.D.Ph.D. (2001)Dissertation: “The Effects of Conformation and N-Alkylation on Gas Phase Peptide Fragmentation”
Chuckgang Gu, Ph.D.Ph.D. (1999)Dissertation: “Reactive Ion-Surface Collisions with Terminally Labeled LB Films and Mechanistic Investigation of Peptide Fragmentation by SID”
Wenqing (Wendy) Zhong, Ph.D.Ph.D. (1998)Dissertation: “Dissociation of Protonated Peptides: Structure Elucidation, Energetics, and Mechanisms by Tandem Mass Spectrometry.”
Hari Nair, Ph.D.Ph.D. (1997)Dissertation: “Influence of Structural Modification on the Fragmentation of Protonated Peptides”
Ashok R. Dongre, Ph.D. Ph.D. (1996)Dissertation: “Surface-Induced Dissociation of Polyatomic Ions: Structure Elucidation, Energetics and Mechanisms for Fragmentation of Protonated Peptides”
Thomas Greg SchaaffFormer UndergraduateAdvanced Technology for Impurity Analysis, Analytical Chemistry Organization, Y-12 National Security Complex
Jennifer L. Jones, Ph.D.Ph.D. (1995)Dissertation: “Surface-Induced Dissociation of Distonic Radical Ion Structures and Protonated Peptides”
Tom E. Kane, Ph.D.Ph.D. (1995)Dissertation: “Surface-Induced Dissociation at Self-Assembled Monolayer Films: Characterization and Measurement of Ion-Surface Interactions”
Rebecca L. FranklinM.S. (1995)MS Thesis: “Characterization of Self-Assembled Monolayers using Ion-Surface Reactivity of Organic Projectile Ions”
Jian-Mei DingM.S. (1991)MS Thesis: “Reactive Collisions of Polyatomic Ions with Surfaces”