Wysocki Lab at ASMS 2024

Wysocki group will attend the 72nd ASMS 2024 in Anaheim, CA, June 2-6, 2024.

Welcome to stop by and see our oral and poster presentation if you are attending ASMS in person!


  • Kristie L Baker; Anusha Kumar; Aniruddha Sahasrabuddhe; Hossein Ashrafian; Thomas J. Magliery; Vicki H. Wysocki, Characterizing a Surface Salt Bridge in the Four-Helix Bundle Rop by Surface-Induced Activation and Variable Temperature Electrospray Ionization. (TOB pm: Ion Mobility: Structure Determination & Applications, Jun.4th 2:30-2:50 PST)
  • Andrew J Arslanian; Vicki H. Wysocki, Source-induced Quaternary Structural Changes Revealed by Surface-induced Dissociation and Top-down Electron Capture Dissociation. (WOC pm: Fundamentals: Ion Activation and Dissociation, Jun.5th 2:50-3:10 PST)


  • Evan N Whitford; Philip C. Lacey; Elijah Day; Steffen Lindert; Vicki H. Wysocki, Covalent Labeling to Probe a Protein with an Intrinsically Disordered Domain. (WP 206 Covalent Labeling and Chemical Crosslinking I)
  • Zhixin Xu; Chen Du; Eduardo Olmedillas; Regina M. Edgington; Sophie R. Harvey; Erica Ollmann Saphire; Vicki H. Wysocki, Determination of Glycoform Masses of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Variants by Electron Capture Charge Reduction Mass Spectrometry. (WP 321 Glycoproteins I)
  • William J Moeller; Mark P Foster; Vicki H Wysocki, Variable Temperature Electrospray Measurement of Enthalpy and Entropy of Tryptophan Binding to Ring Shaped Protein TRAP. (ThP 525 Instrumentation: New Developments in Ionization and Sampling)
  • Martha Ortega Zepeda; Yu-Fu Lin; Dalton T Snyder; Vicki H Wysocki, Analysis of Gas Phase Protein Complex Unfolding in Positive and Negative nESI. (MP475 Ion Mobility: Applications I)
  • Yuan Gao; Jamison Law; Venkat Gopalan; Vicki H. Wysocki, Use of native mass spectrometry to characterize the binding of substrate and inhibitors to Salmonella FraB deglycase, a drug target. (MP 697 Proteins: Complexes/Non-covalent Interactions)
  • Zihao Qi; Charles E. Bell; Vicki H. Wysocki, Investigating the DNA binding behaviors and inhibition for human Rad52-DNA binding domain by native mass spectrometry and surface-induced dissociation. (MP 699 Proteins: Complexes/Non-covalent Interactions)
  • Philip Lacey; Chengliang Wang; Jianbin Ruan; Vicki H Wysocki, Heterogeneous Non-Canonical Inflammasome Oligomerization Probed by Narrow Quadrupole Selections and Electron Capture Charge Reduction. (MP 716 Proteins: Complexes/Non-covalent Interactions)
  • Carla V.T. O’Neale; Sophie R. Harvey; Vicki H. Wysocki; Kevin L. Schey, Studies of Aquaporin-0 Lipid Binding in the Bovine Lens via Native Mass Spectrometry. (WP 647 Proteins: General and Membrane)
  • Qianyi Wang; Qianjie Wang; Zihao Qi; William Moeller; Shaolei Lu; Xiaowen Liu; Chiung-Kuei Huang; Vicki Wysocki; Liangliang Sun, Developing Advanced Capillary Zone Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Multi-Level Proteomics of Complex Biological Samples. (ThP 750 Proteomics: Intact Proteins and Top Down Analysis II)

Resource Presentations at ASMS 2023

Come to see the work by the Wysocki group at ASMS 2023.


  • Yuan Gao; Sravya Kovvali; Jamison Law; Venkat Gopalan; Vicki H Wysocki, Native top-down mass spectrometry approaches to determine the FraB/FrlB-substrate binding sites and conformational changes induced by substrate binding. (MOA am Top-down protein analysis, Jun.5th 9:10-9:30 CDT)
  • Yu-Fu Lin; Angela Di Capua; Erin Panczyk; Benjamin Jones; Mark Ridgeway; Arpad Somogyi; Desmond Kapla; Melvin Park; Vicki Wysocki, Native mass spectrometry on a modified timsTOF Pro. (MOB pm Ion mobility: instrumentation and method development, Jun.5th 3:50-4:10 CDT)
  • Jared B. Shaw; Sophie R. Harvey; Chen Du; Vicki H Wysocki, Protein complex heterogeneity and structure revealed by native mass spectrometry with electron capture charge reduction and surface induced dissociation. (WOA am Instrumentation: Detection of High-Mass Analytes, Jun.7th 3:50-4:10 CDT)
  • Sophie Harvey; William M McFadden; Bruce E Torbett; Stefan G Sarafianos; Vicki H Wysocki, Characterizing the interactions between the HIV-1 capsid protein and small molecule ligands using native mass spectrometry. (ThOF am Protein-Ligand and Protein-Protein Interactions, Jun.8th 8:50-9:10 CDT)
  • Zachary D Smith; Yu-Fu Lin; Dalton Snyder; Vicki H Wysocki; Marcos Sotomayor, Simulations of Surface-Induced Dissociation Mass Spectrometry of a Protein Dimer Essential for Hearing. (ThOD pm Fundamentals: Ion Structures and Energetics, Jun.8th 3:30-3:50 CDT)


  • Kristie L Baker; Philip C Lacey; Yuan Gao; Benjamin J. Jones; Vicki H Wysocki, Variable-Temperature Electrospray Ionization Coupled with Electron Capture Dissociation to Study Temperature Induced Solution Phase Structural Changes. (MP655 Proteins: Conformation Analysis and Structural Biology, Jun.5th)
  • Philip Lacey; Marius M. Kostelic; Sophie R. Harvey; Vicki H. Wysocki, Electron Capture Charge Reduction Allows for Selection of Individual Nanodisc Species. (TP590 Proteins: General and Membrane, Jun.6th)
  • Kaylee Grabarkewitz; Vicki H Wysocki; Karin Musier-Forsyth, Investigating the role of HIV-1 genomic RNA transcriptional start site differences on Gag binding using native mass spectrometry. (TP531 Nucleic Acid and Oligonucleotides, Jun.6th)
  • Jacelyn Greenwald; Paola Loreto Palacio; Yongseok Kim; Setty M Magaña; Vicki H Wysocki, Proteomics of adipose tissue-derived extracellular vesicles from bariatric surgery patients. (TP713 Proteomics: Tissue, Jun.6th)
  • Marius M Kostelic; Chen Du; Vicki H Wysocki, Architecture of Adeno-Associated Viral Capsids with Surface-Induced Dissociation and Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry. (WP233 Fundamentals: Formation and Structures of Big Ions, Jun.7th)
  • Andrew J Arslanian; Leon (Yu-Fu) Lin; Arpad Somogyi; Vicki H Wysocki, Operation of Simple SID Devices using Two or Three Voltages. (ThP158 Fundamentals: Ion Activation/Dissociation, Jun.8th)
  • Zihao Qi; Charles E. Bell; Vicki H. Wysocki, Structure and DNA binding of single-strand annealing proteins by native MS. (TP644 Proteins: Complexes/Non-covalent Interactions, Jun.8th)

Check out Vicki Wysocki’s talk for Protein Society – Native Mass Spectrometry for Structural Biology

Check out Vicki’s talk in the protein society webinar.

Albert Heck: starts from 3:11 “Sizing and counting AAV particles by high-resolution native mass spectrometry and single molecule charge detection mass spectrometry

Vicki Wysocki: starts from 46:12 “Surface collision and electron capture characterize protein and nucleoprotein complexes

Stephan Rauschenbach: starts from 1:15:01 “Electrospray ion beam deposition: enabling high-resolution molecular microscopy

Carol Robinson: Starts from 1:43:49 “How can we get membrane protein complexes into the gas phase?

Wysocki Lab at OMSMS 2022!

Recently, the Wysocki lab attended the Ohio Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Symposium (OMSMS)! From the group, we had many poster presenters and an oral presentation! Two of our own members, Zihao Qi (second year) and Phil Lacey (third year) won poster awards from the poster session! Great job, we are so proud of you! We overall had a wonderful time at this conference and are already excited next year’s conference!

Vicki Wysocki delivering some opening remarks for the conference
Poster session in progress! Our second year, Yuan Gao, can be spotted presenting his poster!
One of our third years, Kristie Baker, presenting her poster to an invited guest, Brandon Ruotolo!
Our amazing associate director of the CCIC, Arpad Somogyi posing with a mini Einstein!
The winners of the poster competition for OMSMS 2022, including second year Zihao Qi (far left), and third year Phil Lacey (second from left)! Great job to all presenters!

Wysocki Lab at Turkey Run 2022!

Recently, a few of our members attended the Turkey Run Analytical Chemistry Conference hosted in the beautiful Turkey Run state park in Marshall, Indiana! Among those who attended, were three second years (Zihao Qi, Yuan Gao, William Moeller) and one of our newer post-docs (Marius Kostelic)! All of those who attended presented their lovely posters, and overall had an amazing time! We can’t wait to come back next year and see/share some more cool science!

Zihao Qi (Second Year) with his poster!
Yuan Gao (Second Year) with his poster!
William Moeller (Second Year) with his poster!
The Wysocki lab enjoying some lunch between events!

Wysocki Lab at ASMS 2021

Wysocki group will attend the 69th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Philadelphia, PA October 31 – November 4, 2021.

Welcome to stop by and see our oral and poster presentations if you are attending ASMS in person!

  • Oral: Implementation of surface-induced dissociation on a digital quadrupole selection system coupled to an Orbitrap EMR via the HCD cell given by Benjamin Jones in session MOF pm at 02:30 pm on Mon, Nov 01
  • Oral: Resolving Macromolecular Complexes using Surface Induced Disassociation and Charge Detection Native Mass Spectrometry given by Sean Cleary in session TOF am at 09:10 am on Tue, Nov 02
  • Oral: Fundamental aspects of protein complex activation by SID: stopping curves, ERMS, and HDX given by Dalton Snyder in session WOF am at 08:50 am on Wed, Nov 03
  • Oral: Post-translational modifications induced by Salmonella infection with multi PTM enrichment workflow and open search bottom-up proteomics given by Yongseok Kim in session WOB pm at 03:10 am on Wed, Nov 03
  • Poster (MP 128): Leveraging tandem affinity-buffer exchange chromatography online with native mass spectrometry to characterize overexpression cell lysates and purified proteins/protein complexes given by Stella Lai on Mon, Nov 01
  • Poster (MP 302): Probing the structure and interactions of membrane protein complexes using native mass spectrometry and surface induced dissociation given by Sophie Harvey on Mon, Nov 01
  • Poster (TP 314): Proteomics Characterization of Mouse Feces During Salmonella Infection given by Maryam Baniasad on Tue, Nov 02
  • Poster (WP 182): TIMS-SID-TIMS for structural determination of protein assemblies given by Yu-Fu Lin on Wed, Nov 03
  • Poster (ThP 284): Native mass spectrometry and surface-induced dissociation reveal connectivity of the disordered C-terminal domain with the structured Sm core of Hfq give by Chen Du on Thu, Nov 04

Wysocki Lab at ASMS Sanibel 2018

Erin Panczyk attended the ASMS Sanibel conference on Molecular Modeling and Quantum Mechanical Calculations in Mass Spectrometry:  From Small Molecules to Large Multimeric Protein Complexes in St. Petersburg, FL, January 25-28th.

Poster and Oral (Flash Talk) presentation: Structural Influence of Dimethylproline Substitution on b2 Ion Formation by Gas-Phase Peptide Fragmentation; Panczyk, E.M., Potsuma, J.C., Somogyi, A. and Wysocki, V.H.; The Ohio State University, Columbus OH; College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

Wysocki Lab at MSACL 2018

Jikang Wu attended the Mass Spectrometry: Applications to the Clinical Lab conference in Palm Springs, CA, January 21-25th.

Oral presentation: Integration of Non-Targeted Metabolic and Metagenomic Profiling of Feces After Chemical- and Salmonella-Induced Inflammation of Murine Intestines; Jikang Wu; Mikayla Borton; Anice Sabag-Daigle; Brian Ahmer; Kelly Wrighton; Vicki H. Wysocki; The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH