Dr. Jane E. Jackman


Jane E. Jackman received her B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, where she studied electron transfer reactions catalyzed by the cytochrome c:cytochrome c peroxidase system in the lab of George McLendon. She received her Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from Duke University in Durham, NC, working with Carol Fierke and Chris Raetz to investigate the catalytic mechanism of a metal-dependent metalloamidase (LpxC), a target for novel anti-microbial compounds that catalyzes the committed step during biosynthesis of the lipid A component of lipopolysaccharide. As a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Eric Phizicky at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, she participated in identification of several previously undiscovered tRNA modification enzymes, including several that exhibit novel enzyme chemistry. Jane joined the faculty of Ohio State in 2007 as an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and was promoted with tenure to Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2013. She is an active member of the Ohio State Biochemistry Program (OSBP), Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology graduate program (MCDB) and the Ohio State University RNA Center.



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Bhalchandra Rao | Ph.D. Student- Currently postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Roy Parker’s lab

Brian Smith | Ph.D. Student- Currently postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Gloria Culver’s lab

Jeremy Henderson | Undergraduate Student

Emily Maris | Undergraduate Student

Paul Yourik | Undergraduate Student

Fuad Mohammed | Undergraduate Student- Currently Ph. D. student in Dr. Rachel Green’s lab

Sarah Choudury | Ph.D. Student- Currently Ph.D. student in Dr. Kieth Slotkin’s lab

Bill Eberley | Masters Student

David Mess | Visiting Student

Hyejong Kim | Masters Student-  Currently Ph.D. student in Dr. Craig Cameron’s lab

Brooke Gillis | Undergraduate Student

Jennifer Miles | Undergraduate Student

William Swinehart | Ph.D. Student- Currently postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Dirk Iwata-Reuyl’s lab

Yicheng Long | Ph.D. Student- Currently postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Tom Cech’s lab

Michael Wolfe | Undergraduate Student- Currently Ph.D. student in Dr. Peter Freddolino’s lab

Lauren Duff | Undergraduate Student

Dylan Fortman | Undergraduate Student- Currently at U. Toledo Medical School

Jennie Hazen | Undergraduate Student- Currently Ph.D. student at Washington University in St. Louis 

Hayley Spires| REU Student

Krishna Patel | Ph.D. Student- Currently Scientific Business Development Analyst at Mt. Sinai Innovation Partners

Nick Mitchell | Undergraduate Student- Currently at U. Toledo Medical School

Abi Hubacher | Undergraduate Student

Abel Batty | Undergraduate Student

Aiswarya Krishnamohan | Ph.D. Student- Currently postdoctoral researcher in Dr. John Staley’s lab