Recent News

December 2018

Entrada Therapeutics, co-founded by Dr. Pei in 2016, was recently launched publicly with $59M series A financing with best in-class biotech veterans/innovators and leading biotech investors. Entrada’s technology enables the intracellular delivery of cargo that are not cell-permeable using pioneering research from the Pei group. Congratulations Dehua! (Press Releases)

November 2018

Curran’s recent publication, “Cell-Permeable Bicyclic Peptidyl Inhibitors against NEMO-IκB Kinase Interaction Directly from a Combinatorial Library” in JACS was featured in the American Peptide Society.

May 2018


Jin and Hui successfully defended their Ph.D thesis! Congratulations Dr. Jin Wen and Dr. Hui Liao!!

Jahan Cooper successfully defended his Master’s thesis, congratulations!!

April 2018

Brenna Collins joined Texas A&M University to pursue graduate studies. We wish you all the very best Brenna!

March 2018

From left: Yizhou Dong, Dehua Pei, Laura McLaughlin

Congratulations Dr. Pei for receiving the OSU 2017 Innovator of the Year Award!

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