Wysocki Lab at AMS 2017

Mengxuan Jia and Alyssa Stiving attended Advancing Mass Spectrometry for Biophysics and Structural Biology in Ann Arbor, MI, July 28th – August 1st.

Poster presentation:                                                                                                   Probing the Charge Distribution of the Gas-phase Dissociation Products of Protein Dimers; Mengxuan Jia, Yang Song, Aniruddha Sahasrabuddhe, Zibo Chen, David Baker, Vicki H. Wysocki; The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Characterization of Surface Induced Dissociation (SID) as a Top-Down Fragmentation Technique;  Stiving, A.Q., Gilbert, J.D., Wysocki, V.H.; The Ohio State University, Columbus OH