Wysocki Lab at ASMS 2021

Wysocki group will attend the 69th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Philadelphia, PA October 31 – November 4, 2021.

Welcome to stop by and see our oral and poster presentations if you are attending ASMS in person!

  • Oral: Implementation of surface-induced dissociation on a digital quadrupole selection system coupled to an Orbitrap EMR via the HCD cell given by Benjamin Jones in session MOF pm at 02:30 pm on Mon, Nov 01
  • Oral: Resolving Macromolecular Complexes using Surface Induced Disassociation and Charge Detection Native Mass Spectrometry given by Sean Cleary in session TOF am at 09:10 am on Tue, Nov 02
  • Oral: Fundamental aspects of protein complex activation by SID: stopping curves, ERMS, and HDX given by Dalton Snyder in session WOF am at 08:50 am on Wed, Nov 03
  • Oral: Post-translational modifications induced by Salmonella infection with multi PTM enrichment workflow and open search bottom-up proteomics given by Yongseok Kim in session WOB pm at 03:10 am on Wed, Nov 03
  • Poster (MP 128): Leveraging tandem affinity-buffer exchange chromatography online with native mass spectrometry to characterize overexpression cell lysates and purified proteins/protein complexes given by Stella Lai on Mon, Nov 01
  • Poster (MP 302): Probing the structure and interactions of membrane protein complexes using native mass spectrometry and surface induced dissociation given by Sophie Harvey on Mon, Nov 01
  • Poster (TP 314): Proteomics Characterization of Mouse Feces During Salmonella Infection given by Maryam Baniasad on Tue, Nov 02
  • Poster (WP 182): TIMS-SID-TIMS for structural determination of protein assemblies given by Yu-Fu Lin on Wed, Nov 03
  • Poster (ThP 284): Native mass spectrometry and surface-induced dissociation reveal connectivity of the disordered C-terminal domain with the structured Sm core of Hfq give by Chen Du on Thu, Nov 04