20 Mar


Our team had a great time at the ACS meeting in New Orleans … we enjoyed so many great discussions, meals, and memories … with old and new friends alike!

12 Dec

2nd annual holiday party … 2x the fun

The group met at David’s house to celebrate another very successful – and equally enjoyable – year for our team. Over plentiful food, libations, and ridiculous-gift-exchanging, we unanimously agreed that we are really great – and do really great science too!

04 Nov

Breakfast with science champions

The group hosts 80 middle schoolers from two Columbus City schools for an exciting morning of touring our labs, “DNA fingerprinting,” exploding marshmallow men, igniting ethanol vapor, making ice cream with liquid N2, and dropping many, many pieces of dry ice in colored water. We’re still not sure which kids had more fun, the middle schoolers or the grad schoolers?

13 Dec

Holiday parties

After an epic departmental holiday party yesterday, the group met at David’s house to celebrate (again) a successful semester and a great start for our team. Accomplishments include setting up the lab (twice), establishing a really fun and exciting research environment, and discovering some cool new chemistry too! Looking forward to many more great experiences together …