Dissemination of Results

The generation of new chemical knowledge in REEL speaks to the authenticity of a student’s research project and is a quality that distinguishes research from other in-class experiences that also emphasize active student learning.  Students in REEL are often eager to communicate their research findings while educators in REEL are excited to share their experiences and discuss the benefits of in-class research.  The Dissemination of REEL Results, therefore, is a goal of REEL’s students, faculty, and staff, and is accomplished in different ways.

A REEL-related conference presentation or paper begins with a student’s involvement in a REEL course.  Following their initial research experience the student is better trained to participate in a research lab, more knowledgeable about chemical research, and motivated to contribute to a research project.   The findings from a student’s in-class REEL project are not (usually) ready for publication following the initial research module, but many students choose to continue working and prepare posters or papers that are ready to share with the scientific community.


REEL-related publications for OSU and partner institutions

REEL’s publications have included research articles, science education articles and book chapters, Masters & Honors theses, and chemical education articles describing particular REEL experiments. In addition, with funding from the Research on Research (R2R) program and in collaboration with the Ohio State University Digital Union, a student-designed web-site has been used to report REEL research results.  Another collaborative project between REEL and the Digital Union resulted in a student-produced digital video in which undergraduate researchers creatively communicated their environmental chemistry research findings.


REEL contributors at the Ohio State University have been extremely active in terms of sharing their research findings and experiences at local, regional, and national conferences.  Undergraduates often present their preliminary findings with research posters that have been prepared in consultation with faculty & staff.  The faculty and staff often present research talks, or discuss the best practices they have developed in terms of including research in their courses.




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