Student Research Groups

Fall 2011 Researchers:


Chemistry H221: Honors Analytical Chemistry Research Participants
Group 1Analysis of the Influence of SSO and CSO Discharge Points upon Ionic Concentrations Cindy Lin, Christopher Brue, Brett Potts & Patrick Druggan
Group 2Quantitative Analysis of Ions in Turkey Run, Olentangy River, Ohio using Ion Chromatography:  A Portrait of a Suburban Stream David Merz, Shukri Zanika & Andrei Jipa
Group 3: Investigation of CSOs and SSOs on the Olentangy River. Brandon Smith, Davidson Sacolick, Roxanne Demarest & Bethany Wellen
Group 4: REEL Research: Ionic Characterization of Olentangy River Brian Laster, Clayton Casper, Saniya Kamran & Erica Howard
Chemistry 221: Analytical Chemistry
Group 5: Group Report John Rhee, Brian Rosales, Xi Wang & Ann Lii
Group 6: Analysis of the Ion Concentration Fluctuations in Olentangy River Water Samantha King, Lian Chen, Alyssa Sherry & Amy Casaday
Group 7: Chemical Composition of Olentangy River Chris Reyes, Anthony Re, Shawna Ray See, Delip Mandali & Craig Ayres
Group 8: Investigations of Phosphate Concentrations in the Olentangy River Dmitry Grinevich, Daniel Beckett, Meaghan Novi, Matt Van Avermaete & Andrew La Rosa
Group 9:  Determination and Analysis of Chloride in the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers Matt Gordon, Kate Karnitis, Jenni Richard & Sarah Weiskittel
Group 10: Research Project Cody Holland, Muhammad Abdi, Alex Brawn, Zack Nellom & Robby Blizzard
Group 11Group 11 Research Project Wei Quan How, Awil Jama, Qian Xiong & Jon Studer
Group 12A Location Based Comparison of Ions Present in the Scioto River Michael Irwin, Kris Roser, Jackie Smith & Courtney Timmons
Group 13: Comparison of Hard Water Analysis of Scioto River: Urban vs. Residential Stormie Harlan, Yoji Takishima, Grace Campos & Ifeoma Okekeane
Group 14: Environmental Analysis of the Scioto River Robert Johnson, Jessica Bergana, Feven Welday & Katie Albanese
Group 15: Environmental Research Analysis Project Katherine Billings, Yahye Osman & Hassan Abdullahi
Group 16: Analysis of Phosphate, Sulfate, and Potassium Concentrations in Glen Echo Ravine Christopher Lopez, Jon Raterman & Emmanuel Oh
Group 17: Investigation Of Calcium Ion Levels in Walhalla Hollow Stream vs Downtown Ha Neul Lee, Kwan Leung & Hyemin Lee
Group 18: Contamination of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizers on Waterways in the Greater Columbus Area Jin Wu, Jake Engelmeier & Tyler Wilson
Group 19: Research Project Chibuokem Amuneke-Nze, Amanda Prie& Michael Devine
Group 20: Ion Concentrations in the Big Darby Creek Samantha Fisher, Matt McKiney, Peng Lam, Jared Bennet & Caroline Shipman
Group 21: Research Project Brent Sauner, Arlinda Hasanaj, Shannon Brewer & Mina Han
Group 22: A Study of the Water Quality along Turkey Run Tributary Kathryn Omlor, Harika Kanlamneni & Rachel Putman
Group 23: Ion Analysis of Rush Run Chloe Goodlive, Erin Jesse, Jeff Houser, Mark Nizza & Alex Testoff
Group 24: Adena Brook, East of High Ben Winokes, Josh Ganzberg & Luke Vista
Group 25 : Research Project Matt Baker, Dane Walter, Alex Stuber & Norman Dommsic
Group 26: Walnut Grove Cemetery and Water Contamination Kristen Belesky, Courtney Kiggins, Nick Greene, Luke Laws & Joseph Williamson
Group 27: Investigation of River Contaminates in The Big Walnut Creek and Scioto River Matt MacKeown, Wilson Lo, Tyler Weaver & Andrew Zurlinden
Group 28: Research Project Martin Dalefield, Lam Nguyen, Zhihao Zheng & Chad Naiman
Group 29: The Effect of Car Exhaust on the pH and Buffer Capacity of River Water in Columbus, OH Parker Brumfield, Amelia Heston, Meika Travis & Rebecca Heyse


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