Digital Portfolio

A research experience gains importance when the results are shared with those most invested in the findings.  This is especially true when it comes to environmental science.  The individuals in the community tested are eager to learn more about their environment, what actions they can take to improve their well-being, etc.  The traditional ways that scientific information is communicated include presentations at science conferences and research articles in journals.  While valuable, neither of these approaches are useful for sharing results with those most directed affected.  One solution is to have results communicated via a digital portfolio that is scientifically rigorous, displayed in a timely manner, and written so that the stakeholders can understand and gain from the findings. Such a digital portfolio was designed by Victoria Mason, a REEL student involved in the Research on Research (R2R) program. The development of additional web-sites is an exciting opportunity that REEL students, faculty, and staff will pursue.

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