Tests & Methods

Tests & Methods

In analyzing the results obtained from a sample, proficiency in techniques like pH or buffer capacity determination are essential. Research skills will be developed when obtaining knowledge of different instrumentations. In sample collection and data generation for the water, one needs to keep the information consistent. Reliable data is a skill learned in the laboratory and important for gaining scientific knowledge. Also, reliable data means that future groups or scientists will be able to reproduce your results and come to the same conclusions.

In the usage of the different methods of analysis, using the instruments properly is important and required. Proper water collection and laboratory techniques can be found on (EPA Monitoring Water Quality). In the overview of the pH meter it is important to maintain proper data and the knowledge that pH electrode is temperature dependent.  Also, that pH has to be calibrated with reference electrodes at pH of 4 and 7. The buffer should be used accordingly as instructed, deviation from that would result in significant errors resulting in unreliable data.

In conclusion, as you read on more about the usage of different instrumentation of analysis keep in mind that one has to be consistent and accurate in their data, since unreliable data is the same thing as no data. Once one obtains the knowledge of each method, only then can accurate results be obtained. For further readings on the process and data analyses of water samples see (EPA Field Manual). Understanding how a method works and being able to explain it is essential to learning how to become a better scientist and have the analytical skills needed to complete an experiment.



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